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  • General Information

    Common Name: Calicut
    Other Name: Calicut, District: Kozhikode, State: Kerala, India
    Area: 2345 Sq. Km.
    Languages Spoken: Malayalam, English, and Hindi
    Long Distance Code: +91-495
    Best Time to Visit: September to May
    International Access: Calicut International Airport
  • Description

    Calicut, the most important city of Malabar region of Kerala, was a leading trading centre for spices on the West Coast of India during the medieval period. Ruled by the Zamorin dynasty, Calicut found a place in World History with the discovery of sea route to India in 1498 by the Portuguese navigator Vasco Da Gama. The landing of Gama at Kapat near Calicut changed the political scenarios of India, which ultimately ended with its colonization by the British. It remained under the Madras Presidency till the formation of Kerala in 1956 after independence.
  • Location

    Calicut or Kozhikode is situated in the south Indian state of Kerala on the southwest coast of the Arabian Sea. The district extends from latitude 11°15' N to 75°49' E. Basking in the idyllic setting of the serene Arabian Sea on the west and mesmeric peaks of the Wayanad hills on the east, this district has all the required ingredients to fascinate a tourist.
KappadKappad in Calicut is the place where Vasco de Gama set foot for the first time when he came to India on May 27, 1498. There is a small stone monument at the beach to commemorate that event. Pazhassirajah Museum is located on the East Hill. It is run by the State Archeological Department. Ancient mural paintings, antique bronzes, old coins, models of temples, and megalithic structures are on display here. Situated next to Pazhassirajah Museum is an art gallery displaying paintings of Raja Ravi Varma. Dolphin's Point is a good place to watch dolphins playing in the sea early in the morning. On this beach are also situated Calicut Town Center, Lions Club, and a lighthouse. Two crumbling piers, more than hundred years old, stand out into sea at Kozhikode beach. The beach is easily accessible from the city and provides a good view of the setting sun. The place also has a Marine Life Aquarium open whole day.\r\nThe Science Planetarium at Jaffarkhan Colony is the best place to unravel the mysteries of universe and enlightens about the planets and stars. The Science Center has an interesting array of games, puzzles, and scientific gadgetry, which can keep a person busy for the whole day. The planetarium and Science Center are in the same complex. Mananchira, which was the palace tank of King Mana Vikrama, has been now turned into a traditional architectural splendor with carpeted green grass and surrounded by ethnic buildings. The place also has a musical fountain.\r\n
Pazhassiraja MuseumYou can have a glimpse of the rich historic past of Kozhikode in the Pazhassiraja Museum, which is located at East Hill, 5 km from the city. The state archaeological department runs this museum. The various galleries within this museum have an extensive collection of artifacts that range from ancient coins, bronze objects, copies of ancient murals, etc., depicting the rich cultural heritage of this region. The exhibits of the megaliths (huge prehistoric monuments) are quite interesting. This museum is open for public viewing from 10 am to 12.30 pm and from 2.30 pm to 5 pm everyday except on Mondays and public holidays.
The Art Gallery is adjacent to the Pazhassiraja Museum and is famous for its collection of paintings made by Raja Ravi Varma and Raja Varma. Both these artists belonged to the royal family of the erstwhile Travancore state. If you are an art connoisseur, then the Art Gallery is a must-visit place for you. This gallery holds an important position in the Indian art circle because of its association with Raja Ravi Varma. It is said that he was the first Indian painter to make use of oil colours. The paintings of this great artist generally revolve around the depiction of mythological events, royal portraits and day-to-day life. The art gallery is open from 10 am to 5 pm on all days except Monday and public holidays.
The Krishna Menon Museum is also located near the Pazhassiraja Museum. This museum is dedicated to the memory of V. K. Krishna Menon, who was a great Indian statesman. The personal belongings of this legendary political figure have been displayed in this museum. The museum is open only on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 10 am to 12.30 pm and from 2.30 pm to 5 pm.
Manachira SquareThe Manachira Square is located in the heart of the city, a place where the main courtyard of palace of the erstwhile Zamorin rulers once existed. Presently, the square has a well laid out park, which has a number of traditional Keralite houses and a large water tank nearby.
Kozhikode BeachThe coastline along Kozhikode, located on the eastern part of the city, offers you a long stretch of uninterrupted sandy beach. You can see and enjoy the glorious spectacle of the setting sun from this beach. The Lighthouse, the Lions Park (children's park) and the Aquarium (which has a good collection of marine life and freshwater fish) are interesting places to visit on this beach.
Religious PlacesThe city of Kozhikode has a number of important religious places belonging to different faiths. The tolerant nature of the erstwhile rulers of this city allowed the peaceful coexistence of people belonging to different religions, which resulted in the building of a number of religious monuments throughout the city. The Tali Temple was built by the Zamorin dynasty in the 14th century. It is an excellent example of the traditional Keralite School of temple architecture. During the reign of the Zamorins, this temple hosted a weeklong gathering of literary-minded people who congregated here from different parts of the kingdom. The Mother of God Church is another important place of religious interest in Kozhikode. The church is built in accordance with the principles of the Roman architectural style. This church houses a 200-year-old portrait of St Mary. The St Mary's Church is a place worth visiting in Kozhikode. It was built by the British to cater to the spiritual needs of their Christian subjects. Other religious places worth visiting are the Fire Temple (built by the Paris community of Kozhikode) located on SM Street, the Buddhist Vihar located on Customs Road, and the Mishkal Masjid located at Kuttichira.
Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary(25 km)\r\nKadalundi Bird Sanctuary is a heaven for migratory birds. Terns, gulls, herons, sandpipers, whimbrels, and other migratory birds flock the place from the month of November and returns only by the end of April. The ideal season to visit is from December to April in the early hours of the day.\r\nOther places worth visiting are Velleri Mala, a beautiful location for trekking and Velliyamkallu.\r\n
Beypore(11 km)\r\nBeypore is a small coastal town known for its shipbuilding industry for centuries. It is still a favorite destination to buy large boats.
Vadakara(48 km) \r\nVadakara is a commercial center of martial arts and the birthplace of Tacholi Othenan, a legendry hero of North Malabar.\r\n
ThusharagiriThusharagiri is famous for its waterfalls and lush green forests. It is at a distance of 11 km from Kodenchery, a place abounding in rubber plantations, coconut, pepper, ginger, and spices of all sorts.
KakkayamThere is a dam at Kakkayam, located around 45 km from Calicut. The place offers challenging trekking and rock-climbing through river path and numerous waterfalls.\r\nThere is another dam at Peruvannamoozhy, 60 km from Calicut. It is a place of beauty, calm, and serenity. The place has a crocodile farm run by the state forest department.\r\n
Spice Tour of Kerala

Spice Tour of Kerala
(5 Days / 4 Nights)

Spice Tour of Kerala / PI-0104 (5 Days / 4 Nights)

The Indian spices were renowned all over the world. Many of the people from various countries including Vasco-Da gama, came in the search of these spices and the aroma. Come and visit the spice destination of India, Kerala. Where you can find spices like Pepper, cardomom and Cinnamon.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Kochi
Day 2 : Kochi-Kozhikode
Day 3 : Kozhikode
Day 4 : Kozhikode-Wayanad
Day 5 : Wayanad-Kochi
Glimpses of South India

Glimpses of South India
(8 Days / 7 Nights)

Glimpses of South India / PI-0137 (8 Days / 7 Nights)

The Hitech city of Bangalore or the palaces of Mysore; the temples of Madurai or the Synagaugue of Kochi; the spice plantations or the wild life sanctauries;... This week long tour gives you the best of the south of India in a nutshell. Take the glimpses of south India at its best... with us!

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Chennai
Day 2 : Chennai-Madurai
Day 3 : Madurai - Thekkady
Day 4 : Thekkady-Kochi
Day 5 : Kochi-Kozhikode
Day 6 : Kozhikode-Mysore
Day 7 : Mysore - Bengaluru
Day 8 : Bengaluru
A Tropical Paradise Kerala

A Tropical Paradise Kerala
(14 Days / 13 Nights)

A Tropical Paradise Kerala / PI-014 (14 Days / 13 Nights)

Upon your arrival at Mumbai, you will be met by our representative and will be transferred to the hotel. There will be an overnight stay at the hotel.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Mumbai
Day 2 : Mumbai
Day 3 : Mumbai-Kozhikode-Wayanad
Day 4 : Wayanad
Day 5 : Wayanad - Guruvayur
Day 6 : Guruvayur - Munnar
Day 7 : Munnar-Thekkady
Day 8 : Thekkady-Kumarakom
Day 9 : Kumarakom - Alappuzha
Day 10 : Alappuzha - Mararikulam
Day 11 : Mararikulam
Day 12 : Mararikulam - Kovalam
Day 13 : Kovalam
Day 14 : Kovalam-Thiruvananthapuram-Mumbai
Discover Kerala

Discover Kerala
(16 Days / 15 Nights)

Discover Kerala / PI-0412 (16 Days / 15 Nights)

This package explores the myriad facets Kerala has to offer. We travel the entire stretch of Kerala, north to south, introducing you from the onset of the beautiful landscape and scenery that one will experience on this two weeks tour. We start with Bekal, a small village of ethereal beauty set on the coast of the Arabian Sea. Wyanad, a part of the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve, rich in its biodiversity comes next. We then come to the commercial port towns of Calicut and Cochin, famous for its spices. The next stopover is Thekkady, where one gets an opportunity to feel the adrenaline rush by opting for tiger trails, bamboo rafting or night patrols into the pristine jungles of Kerala. After this you can slow down your pace and enjoy the Ayurvedic massages at Kumarakom and relax as the houseboats drift by under serene backwater environments. Lastly, we stop at Varkala, a small beach town, unexplored with stretches of beach land and few people in sight.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Mumbai
Day 2 : Mumbai
Day 3 : Mumbai-Mangalore
Day 4 : Bekal - Wayanad
Day 5 : Wayanad
Day 6 : Wayanad-Kozhikode
Day 7 : Kozhikode - Kochi
Day 8 : Kochi - Thekkady
Day 9 : Thekkady
Day 10 : Thekkady - Kumarakom
Day 11 : Kumarakom
Day 12 : Kumarakom-Kollam
Day 13 : Kollam - Varkala
Day 14 : Varkala - Thiruvananthapuram
Day 15 : Kovalam
Day 16 : Kovalam
Dravidian Heritage

Dravidian Heritage
(15 Days / 14 Nights)

On Request
Dravidian Heritage / PC-644 (15 Days / 14 Nights)

South India, stretching south of the Vindhya Mountain ranges down to the coastal areas surrounded by the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, covers a vast swathe of the Deccan plateau. The states in this region are Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, all four of which have their own languages, slightly differing from each other, but vastly different from the language and culture of the Indian heartland in the North and West. South India has two major claims to being a tourist attraction. Thousands of miles of pristine coastline and sandy beaches, dotted with sea side resorts and the ancient Hindu heritage architecture, temples and remnants of the Indus valley civilization. Boat trips on the backwater canals and protected wetlands, not to mention the health spas and Ayurveda clinics, make for a rejuvenating vacation, and most tourists leave Kerala in much better shape, mentally and physically, than when they came in.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Chennai-Covelong
Day 2 : Covelong-Kanchipuram-Mamallapuram-Covelong
Day 3 : Covelong-Puducherry
Day 4 : Puducherry-Chidambaram-Swamimalai
Day 5 : Swamimalai-Thanjavur-Tiruchirappalli-Madurai
Day 6 : Madurai
Day 7 : Madurai-Thekkady
Day 8 : Thekkady-Kochi
Day 9 : Kochi
Day 10 : Kochi-Guruvayur-Kozhikode
Day 11 : Kozhikode-Mysore
Day 12 : Mysore
Day 13 : Mysore-Chikmaglur
Day 14 : Chikmaglur-Shravanabelagola-Bengaluru
Day 15 : Bengaluru
Kochi - Kannur Beach Tour

Kochi - Kannur Beach Tour
(7 Days / 6 Nights)

On Request
Kochi - Kannur Beach Tour / PI-0502 (7 Days / 6 Nights)

This small week long tour takes you to the some of the best yet virgin and un-explored beaches of India. The Kannur and Kappad beaches are not the ones which are visited by most tourists, hence there is peace and calm and the vast ocean is to your own!! Kappad, a small town in Kozhikode is the place where vasco - da Gama landed. Come and take this splendid sojourn of the unexplored beaches.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Kochi
Day 2 : Kochi-Kozhikode
Day 3 : Kozhikode-Wayanad
Day 4 : Wayanad-Kappad
Day 5 : Kappad
Day 6 : Kappad-Kannur
Day 7 : Kannur-Mangalore

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Kozhikode, India

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Kozhikode, India
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