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(17 Days / 16 Nights)

GUJARAT & KARNATKA / PC-590 (17 Days / 16 Nights)

Here in Gujarat you will discover centuries of history as spanning the geological core of the earth onto a fascinatingly vibrant future. Gujarat is unique in its geological and topographical landscape. From volcanic outpourings through bedrock to fossil fields of indigenous dinosaurs; from the art of the Neolithic cave painter to the stone masterpieces of a series of civilized architecture. Gujarat has it all. Ancient cave paintings to historic murals, natural and man made caves. Art, history, music, culture, all dovetail within each other to form a wondrous matrix that is the cultural exuberance of the people of the state. Karnataka situated on the southeast coast, mirroring the west, also rests snugly beneath a mountain range---the Eastern Ghats, sloping down to the Indian Ocean. Karnataka is a tapestry of colours, cultures, flavours, landscapes, timelessness and heart stopping beauty. A place where vibrant worlds seamlessly meld into one another every few hundred kilometers. Sedate plains suddenly rise to dizzying mist covered hilly heights, and then plunge with careless abandon in a white watered free fall to become languid rivers that flow past cities where time has stopped altogether, and cities where time rushes a relentless rush to keep up with the world; cities that sometimes escape into the deep quiet of thick forests and sometimes, stretches their arms wide open to embrace the sea.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Mumbai
Day 2 : Mumbai-Ahmedabad
Day 3 : Ahmedabad-Khumbariya-Ambaji-Palanpur
Day 4 : Palanpur-Patan-Modhera-Ahmedabad
Day 5 : Ahmedabad-Lothal-Bhavnagar
Day 6 : Bhavnagar-Palitana-Bhavnagar
Day 7 : Bhavnagar-Mumbai-Hyderabad
Day 8 : Hyderabad
Day 9 : Hyderabad-Bengaluru
Day 10 : Bengaluru-Chikmaglur
Day 11 : Chikmaglur
Day 12 : Chikmaglur-Mysore
Day 13 : Mysore
Day 14 : Mysore-Nagarhole
Day 15 : Nagarhole
Day 16 : Nagarhole
Day 17 : Nagarhole-Bengaluru
Mesmerizing India tour

Mesmerizing India tour
(12 Days / 11 Nights)

On Request
Mesmerizing India tour / PC-558 (12 Days / 11 Nights)

India is a land of diversity. Yet, it has a huge Islamic population intermingled with the existing core culture. Indian history is replete with the cultural and ethical interactions that happened between South East Asia Islamic and pre-existing socio-cultural groups. This tour takes you around the roots and various expressions of South-East Asian Islamic Institutes and their influence in Society.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Mumbai
Day 2 : Mumbai-Delhi
Day 3 : Delhi
Day 4 : Delhi-Ajmer
Day 5 : Ajmer
Day 6 : Ajmer-Jaipur
Day 7 : Jaipur-Bharatpur
Day 8 : Bharatpur-Agra
Day 9 : Agra
Day 10 : Agra-Aligarh
Day 11 : Aligarh-Lucknow
Day 12 : Lucknow-Delhi
Tour the Exotic land, India

Tour the Exotic land, India
(16 Days / 15 Nights)

On Request
Tour the Exotic land, India / PC-562 (16 Days / 15 Nights)

A journey starting from the north and ending in south of India. Each place comes as a surprise, each destination fascinates you equally. The mystic India comes alive on this tour. The beauty and the royalty come face to face in this mesmerizing tour of exotic India.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Delhi
Day 2 : Delhi
Day 3 : Delhi-Agra
Day 4 : Agra-Jaipur
Day 5 : Jaipur
Day 6 : Jaipur-Samode
Day 7 : Samode-Pushkar
Day 8 : Pushkar-Udaipur
Day 9 : Udaipur
Day 10 : Udaipur-Mumbai-Kochi
Day 11 : Kochi - Alappuzha
Day 12 : Alappuzha - Thiruvananthapuram-Kovalam
Day 13 : Kovalam
Day 14 : Kovalam
Day 15 : Kovalam-Thiruvananthapuram-Delhi
Day 16 : Delhi