Nalanda India Tours

The Land of Lord Buddha

The Land of Lord Buddha
(9 Days / 8 Nights)

The Land of Lord Buddha / PI-056 (9 Days / 8 Nights)

Come and attain Nirvana - liberation from the sufferings of life, through the Buddhist trail of Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Nalanda and Vaishali.... in the land of its origin.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Delhi
Day 2 : Delhi - Lucknow - Sravasti
Day 3 : Sravasti-Kushinagar
Day 4 : Kushinagar - Vaishali - Patna
Day 5 : Patna-Nalanda-Rajgir-Bodhgaya
Day 6 : Bodhgaya
Day 7 : Bodhgaya-Varanasi
Day 8 : Varanasi - Delhi
Day 9 : Delhi
Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour of India

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour of India
(12 Days / 11 Nights)

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour of India / PI-0129 (12 Days / 11 Nights)

From the Stupa of Sanchi to the ruins of Nalanda and the ultimate caves of Ellora and Ajanta; Buddha's preachings reached all over in India through the art form. This tour takes you from the Ajanta caves which were created nearly thousand years after the nirwana of Lord Buddha to the place where he attained his enlightenment.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Mumbai
Day 2 : Mumbai - Aurangabad
Day 3 : Aurangabad
Day 4 : Aurangabad-Mumbai-Bhopal
Day 5 : Bhopal
Day 6 : Bhopal - Agra
Day 7 : Agra - Varanasi
Day 8 : Varanasi
Day 9 : Varanasi - Bodhgaya
Day 10 : Bodhgaya
Day 11 : Bodhgaya-Rajgir-Nalanda-Patna
Day 12 : Patna-Delhi
Buddhist Sector

Buddhist Sector
(7 Days / 6 Nights)

Buddhist Sector / PI-018 (7 Days / 6 Nights)

An evolution of man from a normal human to an elevated soul leading the path to salvation is the primary guideline of Buddhism. The doctrine that was preached by Lord Buddha was not meant to be a religion but a path to lead the life. Buddha preached the four noble truths and the eight-fold path to salvation and attaining nirvana. Today one can seek for mental peace at these places where once the great soul left his footmarks.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Delhi
Day 2 : Delhi - Patna
Day 3 : Patna-Nalanda-Rajgir-Bodhgaya
Day 4 : Bodhgaya
Day 5 : Bodhgaya - Varanasi
Day 6 : Varanasi - Delhi
Day 7 : Delhi
The Land of Buddha

The Land of Buddha
(11 Days / 10 Nights)

The Land of Buddha / PI-0189 (11 Days / 10 Nights)

One of the fastest spread religions of the world is Buddhism. May be because of its theory to overcome the sorrow of life. The preacher of this theory was born at the small village on the borders of Nepal and India and went on to attain enlightenment under the Bodhi tree in another small hamlet in India, known as the Gaya, which was later known to be Bodhgaya. This tour takes you from the birth place of the Lord to the place wher he breathed his last.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Delhi
Day 2 : Delhi
Day 3 : Delhi-Varanasi
Day 4 : Varanasi - Bodhgaya
Day 5 : Bodhgaya
Day 6 : Bodhgaya-Rajgir-Nalanda-Patna
Day 7 : Patna-Kushinagar
Day 8 : Kushinagar-Lumbini
Day 9 : Lumbini-Sravasti
Day 10 : Sravasti-Lucknow-Delhi
Day 11 : Delhi
India Nepal Buddhist tour from Kolkata

India Nepal Buddhist tour from Kolkata
(11 Days / 10 Nights)

On Request
India Nepal Buddhist tour from Kolkata / PC-564 (11 Days / 10 Nights)

Starting from Kolkata, this trip is a Buddhist pilgrimage tour that takes you across some of the most revered Buddhsist spots in India Nepal area. Whether it’s the sacred Gaya or the historic Nalanda or the spiritual Varanasi or the revered Bhaktapur, the trip covers the spots that act as important landmarks in the Buddhist culture and tradition.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Kolkata
Day 2 : Kolkata-Gaya
Day 3 : Gaya-Rajgir-Nalanda-Bodhgaya
Day 4 : Bodhgaya-Varanasi
Day 5 : Varanasi-Agra
Day 6 : Agra
Day 7 : Agra-Delhi-Kathmandu
Day 8 : Kathmandu-Pokhra
Day 9 : Pokhra
Day 10 : Pokhra-Bhaktapur
Day 11 : Bhaktapur-Kathmandu

(13 Days / 12 Nights)

On Request

Sonepur Mela starts in November and lasts for next 15 days to one month every year. It draws more than 600,000 visitors to the Sonepur. One of the major attractions of the fair is the sight of scores of elephants that are beautifully decorated and lined up for sale. This is the only place in India or probably in the world where largest number of elephants are traded at one place. The buyers are mainly government forest department officials. You may even find the trading of large number of horses, goats, buffaloes, donkeys, ponies and dogs etc. along with elephants and other household cattle. In his very first sermon Lord Buddha put forth the Middle Way, the Four Noble Truths, and the Eightfold Path - the message spread rapidly, penetrating caste and class barriers; today Buddhism is a way of life in large parts of the world, its message of peace and tolerance speaks to us all. Buddha preached that the way to salvation is not dependent on God but on understanding the way things really are for all living beings subject to desire. We take you on a journey to places associated with important events in Buddha's life. Prince Siddhartha was born at Lumbini, became Buddha, the Enlightened One, at Bodhgaya, gave his first sermon at Sarnath, lived the greater part of his monastic life in Sravasti, and attained Nirvana at Kushinagar.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Delhi
Day 2 : Delhi
Day 3 : Delhi-Lucknow-Sravasti
Day 4 : Sravasti-Lumbini
Day 5 : Lumbini-Kushinagar
Day 6 : Kushinagar-Varanasi-Patna
Day 7 : Patna-Sonepur-Patna
Day 8 : Patna-Sonepur-Patna
Day 9 : Patna-Nalanda-Rajgir-Bodhgaya
Day 10 : Bodhgaya
Day 11 : Bodhgaya-Varanasi
Day 12 : Varanasi-Delhi
Day 13 : Delhi