Chitrakoot India Tours


(19 Days / 18 Nights)

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TRIBES OF EAST INDIA / PC-607 (19 Days / 18 Nights)
Kolkata-Bhubaneshwar-Bhubaneshwar / Nandan Kanan-Udaygiri-Khandigiri-Bhubaneshwar-Dhauli-Pipli-Konark-Puri-Chilka lake-Taptapani-Saora Tribe Village-Raygada-Kutia Kondh-Raygada-Chitakona-Jeypore-Oukudelli-Lampatapur-Vishakapatnam-Delhi-Varanasi-Khajuraho-Chitrakoot-Kalinjer-Chitrakoot-Khajuraho-Delhi

Odisha has the largest variety of tribal communities, which are at various stages of socio-economic development. At one extreme are the group which lead a relatively secluded and archaic mode of life, keeping their core culture intact, while at the other extreme there are communities which are indistinguishable from the general agricultural communities. The tribal people express their cultural identity and distinctiveness in their social organization, language, rituals and festivals and also in their dress, ornaments, art and craft. During your tour you will get a firsthand experience of many facades of India. Varanasi is perhaps the cradle of Hindu Civilization. Khajuraho offers exotic and erotic architecture from millennia back. Nestled in Northern Vindhyas, the sacred town of Chitrakoot embraces green forests, gurgling streams and tranquil rivers. Chitrakoot is a hub of Hindu religion and culture. Tour to Chitrakoot makes for a spiritual experience amidst tranquil surroundings. The holy place of Chitrakoot was regarded as a significant place in Tretayuga, the third epoch of the Hindu cosmology. It is believed that the legendry hero of Ramayana, Rama with his beautiful wife Sita visited Chitrakoot during their exile. It was here where the great sages Atri and Sati Anasuya meditated. The holy trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh assumed incarnations here. Chitrakoot is an epitome of Hindu thought and philosophy. Goswami Tulsidas who lived during Mughal Emperor Akbar's reign, is believed to have visited Chitrakoot to seek divine inspiration when he was about to begin he chronicling of Rama's life in his masterpiece Ramcharitamanas.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Kolkata
Day 2 : Kolkata
Day 3 : Kolkata-Bhubaneshwar
Day 4 : Bhubaneshwar / Nandan Kanan-Udaygiri-Khandigiri-Bhubaneshwar
Day 5 : Bhubaneshwar-Dhauli-Pipli-Konark-Puri
Day 6 : Puri-Chilka lake-Taptapani
Day 7 : Taptapani-Saora Tribe Village-Raygada
Day 8 : Raygada-Kutia Kondh-Raygada
Day 9 : Raygada-Chitakona-Jeypore
Day 10 : Jeypore-Oukudelli-Lampatapur-Vishakapatnam
Day 11 : Vishakapatnam-Delhi
Day 12 : Delhi-Varanasi
Day 13 : Varanasi
Day 14 : Varanasi-Khajuraho
Day 15 : Khajuraho-Chitrakoot
Day 16 : Chitrakoot-Kalinjer-Chitrakoot
Day 17 : Chitrakoot-Khajuraho
Day 18 : Khajuraho-Delhi
Day 19 : Delhi