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The Wild East of Mongolia

11 Days / 10 Nights (Tour Code: PC-106)
Ulaanbaatar-Omnodelger-Binder-Dadal-Tumentsogt-Altai-Dariganga-Hodoo Aral-Gun Galuut-Ulaanbaatar
Mongolia has a lot to fascinate adventure seekers and nature lovers. This exciting jeep tour presents you the least traveled part of the country - the Wild Eastern Mongolia with majestic Khan Khentii mountains - the Birthplace of Genghis Khan, the Three Holy Rivers of the Mongols, verdant grasslands covering the great plains with few inhabitants, and no fences and roads and the legendary sacred mountains where the "Mongol Good Men" took their oaths. Eastern Mongolia is also a home to a half dozen Mongol ethnic groups, who are famous for their distinctive culture, marvelous music & dances and incredible silversmith works. Wildlife and domestic animals roam in wild eastern Mongolia and you will view thousands of gazelles graze. Come and discover the wild wild east of Mongolia with us!

Day 1: Ulaanbaatar

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, transfer to hotel. City sightseeing: Gandan monastery with 26m gilded Buddha, the Great Chinggis Khaan monument on the Sukhbaatar square. Enjoy a folk concert in the evening. Hotel.

Day 2: Ulaanbaatar - Omnodelger

This morning we start the journey to Omnodelger sum of Khentii province with a stop at Giant Genghis Monument, via Baganuur and Tsenkhermandal sums. Admire the nature beauty. Tent.

Day 3: Omnodelger

We get to Binder sum and then to Dadal. We explore the historical sites related to Chinggis Khaan, such as Onon Tsagaan Lake, Huree Uhaa and Huin Ovoo, Oglogchiin Herem, Binder Ovoo and Rashaan Had and the Birthplace of Chinggis "Deluun Boldog". Tent.

Day 4: Omnodelger

A drive south takes us to the beautiful mountain of Tumentsogt via the Wall of Chinggis Khaan in Norovlin. Optional walking, wildlife viewing. Tent camping by the Herlen River.

Day 5: Binder - Dadal

we will drive across the Great Mongol steppes and visit the sacred Mt. Altan Ovoo and the legendary Mt. Shiliin Bogd and the Taliin Agui Cave with ancient rock drawings etc. Hear your guide telling the legends of Shiliin Bogd and "the Mongol Good Men". Tents.

Day 6: Dadal

Today we visit the beautiful Ganga Lake in Dariganga and meet Mongolian ethnic groups of Dariganga and Uzemchin people. Dariganga is famous for the lake Ganga, great silver smiths and unique traditional folk songs. Tent.

Day 7: Dadal - Tumentsogt

We drive across the steppes heading to west to Herlenii Hodoo Aral, the legendary place of Chinggis Khaan. The scenery is incredible with open steppes and green hills. In the afternoon of Day 10 we arrive in Hodoo Aral and visit the ruins of Aurag and the Ritual Gers of the Khaan etc. Tourist ger camp.

Day 8: Tumentsogt

This morning we drive to the amazing Gun Galuut Nature Reserve. Relaxing in peaceful nature reserve. Optional hiking or horse riding to Mt Baits to view mountain wild sheep Argali and other wild animals. Tourist ger camp.

Day 9: Tumentsogt - Altai

Today we visit a nomadic family to learn their nomadic way of the life: dairy making, milking cow/sheep, herding livestock etc. Optional camel/yak cart riding and explore the area. Full board and overnight at the ger camp.

Day 10: Altai

After breakfast we drive to Ulaanbaatar, on the way we stop at Ayaga Lake to view rare species of such as White-Napped Crane, Swan Goose, Siberian White Crane etc. Visit the Palace Museums of Mongolian National History and Bogd Khaan and the Buddha Park. Optional shopping and free time. Farewell dinner and hotel overnight.

Day 11: Altai - Dariganga

Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to airport for departure.

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