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Orissa Tribes Tour India

10 Days / 9 Nights (Tour Code: PI-01233)
Delhi -Nagpur - Kanha - Kawardha - Kanker - Baster - Jeypore - Rayagada-Gopalpur-Bhubaneshwar-Puri-Lalitagiri

Day 1: Delhi

You will be met upon arrival at the arrival lounge of International airport and will be transferred to hotel Imperial for overnight stay. We will begin the trip of from the next day.

Day 2: Kanha

Depart from at 0705 hrs, arriving in Nagpur at 0825 hrs. You will be met and assisted on arrival. Drive to Kanha. Upon arrival proceed to Kipling Camp.

Kanha is among the few most scenic and beautiful wildlife reserves in Asia. Created in 1955 by a special law, the park since then has dedicated itself in preserving a variety of animal species. Many endangered species have indeed been saved here. Today This 'Tiger Country' is the ideal home for both predator and prey.
Situated in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, the picturesque Kanha National Park was the inspiration behind Rudyard Kipling's unforgettable classic Jungle Book. The most striking features of this region are the open grassy meadows, where sighting blackbuck, swamp deer, sambhar and chital is common.

Day 3: Kawardha

After an early morning safari in the park, depart to Kawardha (95 km). Kawardha is a small town in the Chhattisgarh ("34 forts") region. Kawardha is the centre of the Bagia tribe who live in the forests surrounding the town. Recently, Maharaja Vishwaraj Singh has opened his palace to visitors. The other places worth visiting are - Radha Krishna family temple, the Holy Water tank and other 11th century temples. Overnight at Kawardha Palace

Day 4: Kanker

As one leaves the plains of Chhattisgarh, driving southwards, there is a gentle but inimitable rise into the hills. The thick forest, the serpentine road alond the Ghats, the hills bathed in a misty blue, falling on the way is treat to the eyes. Somewhere along the way, you will find men with poles slung over their shoulders and women with baskets on their heads, make their way down a forest track. The air is fresh and sweet with the fragrance of wild flowers. There is an exhilarating sense of coming into something wondrous,beautiful-and-untouched.

The virgin and untouched tribal landscape is very fascinating indeed. Explore the verdant surroundings-of-the-palace.

Day 5: Kanker

After breakfast, depart for an excursion to Keshkal, 30 kms south of Kanker, amidst dense forest. The road climbs a spectacular series of ledges in 12 loops. At the summit are two picture-perfect rest houses, which offer an array of breathtaking views of the lush expanse of jungle and the interlocking valleys below.

Later you will have the opportunity to observe and enjoy tribal life at close quarters when you visit the tribes in the vicinity. You will also visit the ruins of some ancient temples in the area. Enjoy a visit to the tribal village of Bahaigaon, famous for its dancers. The countryside around Kanker is an endless series of interesting discoveries. Gond Muria and Gond Halba tribals live in hamlets and villages, following unhurried routines and customs that are an anthropologists delight. Return to Kanker for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 6: Bastar

After breakfast, depart for Bastar. You will visit the centres of tribal craft and their emporia at Bastar and Kondagaon on the way and you will have the opportunity to mingle with tribal folk. On arrival, check into a Bastar farmhouse for dinner and overnight stay. Enjoy a visit to the Maria Gond tribe, known for their weaving, dancing and hospitality. Also spend time in Bastar, soaking in the natural beauty of the region amidst which tribal folk create their lives. The stupendous falls of the river Indravati at Chitrakote, and the lively cataracts of Tirathgarh offer exciting prospects of exploration and a picnic. Dinner and overnight at a Bastar farm house.

The most prominent travel attractions in Bastar that is situated on the Abujmarh Mountains in Chhattisgarh, India are the <a class="PIInfosoft-placeName" onclick="openAttractionDescriptionPopup('en', 'A1A','BTS','IND','India');" data-target="#PopUp5" href="javascript:void(0)" data-toggle="modal">Chitrakoot waterfalls</a>, <a class="PIInfosoft-placeName" onclick="openAttractionDescriptionPopup('en', 'A0W','BTS','IND','India');" data-target="#PopUp5" href="javascript:void(0)" data-toggle="modal">Jagdalpur</a>, Kutumsar Caves, Tirathgarh Falls, Danteshwari Temple, Mama Bhanja ka Mandir, Shiva temple and the Ganesha Temple. Besides these there is a granite Shiva lingam (7th century) located at Garh Gobrahin that is supposed to be an important tourist destination located in Bastar in Chhattisgarh, India.

Day 7: Jeypore

After breakfast, depart for Jeypore, en route visiting Kotpad weavers and tribal villages. Orissa is a world of lush and green mountains, with rich paddies and terraces everywhere. Jeypore, in the Koraput district of Orissa, is a feast for the eyes, cradled in virgin nature with a broad panorama of enchanting hills, rippling streams, spectacular waterfalls, wonderful caves and lush green valleys.

Orissas antiquity is preserved by its ancient people, and they continue to inhabit their traditional dwelling places in remote areas of the deep forests and hilly interiors. Few of the tribes that inhabit this region are - Santals, Mundas, Gonds, Juang, Bhuyan, Bondo, Saura, Dhruba, Koya, Mahali and Lohara. Though their economy is shaky, the Orissan tribal enjoy a rich and varied cultural heritage, the most powerful instance of this being in their music and dance, which are as colorful as they are rhythmical.

Day 8: Rayagada

Depart for Rayagada, en route visiting the Paraja tribe and their village and tribal market at Kakariguma. On arrival in Rayagada, check into the Sai International Hotel for overnight stay.

It is one among the old districts of Orissa. This district is known for its hotwater spring Tarable and irrigation & power project Budhbudhiani. It is also acknowledged for its Leather works, Brass& Bell utensils and Sugar Factory. Baramul, Odagaon, Jamupatna, Kantilo, Ranapur, Sarankul, Tarabalo, Kuturi and Kuanria are some of the visiting places of-this-district.

Day 9: Gopalpur

Depart for Gopalpur on sea, en route visiting the Kondh and Saora tribe, their villages and lifestyles. The Kondhs are historically known for their "Mariah Sacrifice" - or "Human Sacrifice". They are of Dravidian origin and speak Kui language, and they practice elaborate birth, marriage and death rituals. The Saora tribes are mostly concentrated in the Ganjam district of the State. The whole area is an intricate labyrinth of precipitous hills and valleys, which are part of the Eastern Ghat - the height of the hills varying from 2000 to 4000 feet above sea level. On arrival in Gopalpur on sea, check into the Song of the-Sea-or-Sea-Pearl-Hotel.

Day 10: Bhubaneshwar

Depart for Bhubaneswar en route visiting Chilka Lake - the largest brackish water lake in Asia. Spread over 1200 sq. kms, the lake is famous for its migratory birds and Irawaddy dolphins.

The extremely picturesque lakes of Orissa hold a prominent position in the tourist map of India for their beauty, for enclosing an immense variety of fish, and the fact that they play host to hundreds of thousands of migratory birds during winter and are a home to a variety-of-flora-and-fauna.
Various facilities for canoeing, kayaking, and boating are available at some of the lakes. Hirakud Dam on the river Mahanadi is one of the longest dams in the world and the largest dam made of earth. From horizon to horizon, the reservoir forms the largest artificial lake in Asia with an area of 746 sq km and a shoreline of over 640 km. The vast blue expanse guarded by green capped soaring hills makes this lake a delightful sight a lifetime memory.

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