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Lumbini Hotel Kasai

Address: Lumbini
Place: Lumbini, Nepal - Zip / Pin Code: 0

Description: All the guest room are delicately well-kept clean and it has wonderful modern convenience facilities such as, air-conditioner, refrigerator, Japanese wash let, Bathtub and hairdryer, and also the room has set with the luxury of wooden furniture made by Nepali craftsman. And moreover, in Suit room we have created the Japanese style room, which is the great matched with view of Lumbini nature.

Total Rooms: 30

In suite room where it offers such a wide living room and separate type room, there will be plenty of family time with peaceful moment. And in Japanese style room, you will experience the precious time of silence and peace.

Number of Rooms: 2
Sunlight plugs into the wide open room with the great opening impression, and the quiet sound of the woods of peace will sharpen your heart with peaceful yet quiet harmony. And simple and comfortable furniture made by Nepali craftsman will bring warmth and offer you the restful time.

Number of Rooms: 28
Lumbini Hotel KasaiLumbini Hotel KasaiLumbini Hotel KasaiLumbini Hotel Kasai