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Abu Dhabi

The Richest City in the World

Abu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiEmAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi
  • General Information

    Other Name: Cultural Hub of the Middle East, District: NA, State: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    Area: 67340 km²
    Languages Spoken: Arabic and English
    Long Distance Code: +971 2
    Importance: Abu Dhabi is the wealthiest emirate of the UAE in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and per capita income.
    Best Time to Visit: October to December and March
    International Access: Well connected to rest of the world by air.
  • Description

    Abu Dhabi is the largest of all seven emirates with an area of 67,340 square kilometers, equivalent to 86.7% of the country’s total area, excluding the islands. Its coastline extends for more than 400 kilometers. The Emirates is divided into three regions. The first is the city of Abu Dhabi. The second is known Eastern Region, has its capital Al Ain city. The Western Region, The emirates third, comprises of 52 villages and has its capital Bida Zayed, or Zayed city. In addition to the three mainland regions of Abu Dhabi, There are a number of important islands within the emirate including Das, Mubarraz, Zirku & Arzanah, near where the main offshore oil fields are located. Closer inshore are Dalma, Sir Bani Yas, Merawah & Saadityat, together with many smaller islands.
  • Location

    Abu Dhabi lies on a T-shaped island jutting into the Persian Gulf from the central western coast.
  • Climate

    Sub-tropical,Arid Climate
Al Hosn PalacePerhaps one of the oldest stone buildings of Abu Dhabi as well as being one of its most impressive historical buildings, Qasr al-Hosn or the Al Hosn Palace is, in fact, the former residence of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The place is also famous by the name of ‘White Fort’ which was actually a misnomer up until the renovations in 1976-1983 when the place was painted white. Built in the traditional Arab style in contrast to its surrounding concrete and glass city area, the place is swathed in tranquility and peace that few buildings could boast of. The two most outstanding features of the place that just pull your attention are its beautiful courtyard and the amazing tile work just over the north gate. Being the object of research of an extensive array of archaeological, historical and architectural researches, the center also holds many documents regarding the history of UAE and its surrounding region. If you are a history buff, there is a museum too right inside the palace that displays some carefully preserved historical photographs, traditional artifacts as well a complete natural history section that gives you an insight into the desert animal life of the region.
Abu Dhabi CornicheFor the travelers who love to take a walk through some of the beautiful surroundings of the world, the Corniche Abu Dhabi is the place to be. Marked by the Breakwater at one end where the Abu Dhabi theater and the Marina Mall is located and the traditional port hosting the other end along with the Iranian Souk, the Corniche spreads across eight kilometers long manicured waterfront that includes children play areas, pedestrian pathways, cafes, cycle pathways, restaurants as well as the specially lifeguarded beach park, the Corniche Beach. The place has been awarded the ‘Blue Flag’ status, thus guaranteeing safe and clean bathing water for you and your family. One of the best ways to enjoy Corniche is by hiring a bicycle and touring the whole area at your own leisurely pace. So, go find your own beach umbrella for they disappear as fast as they appear in the rental station and lounge in the lap of one of cleanest and most beautiful beaches of the world.
Emirates PalaceThis iconic Abu Dhabi landmark is a true blend of Arabian splendor with the latest technology. The place offers contrasting experiences during different times of the day. During the day when the sun is shining, the golden sandy color of the hotel offers a fresh contrast to the lush green gardens, silvery blue water fountains, and clear skies. However, as the dusk arrives, the lightning changes bringing a rainbow change over the majestic Palace. Now converted into a spectacular hotel, the palace stretches for over a kilometer with the gardens as well as its other surroundings itself stretching for over 100 hectares. With over 114 domes, 1002 chandeliers, and the two magnificently displayed beautiful wall display carpets, the palace is luxury defined. The place plays host to some of the most famous music stars and film stars that come to the city for concerts that are held in the hotel auditorium. Enjoy the luxuriously scrumptious trappings of the hotel rooms in addition to having your afternoon tea at the hotel café and you sure will never be able to rub it off from your memory again.
Ferrari World Abu DhabiFor all who love the action and adventure of Fast and Furious, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the right place for them. This theme park is one of the first and the largest attraction of its kind themed around the famous Ferrari cars. Taking you for a ride of a lifetime with its intense multi sensory experiences, the place pays a living tribute to the excitement and passion of Ferrari through its more than 20 educational and exhilarating rides, shopping experiences and authentic dining options. Race on the world’s largest roller coaster, the Formula Rossa, that can reach to speeds of up to 240kmph; visit the Galleria Ferrari, the largest Ferrari gallery outside Maranello or experience the Speed of Magic , a 4D spectacle that takes you through icy caves, deep ravines and lush green jungles; all in a single day. For those wanting to take their ride to the top gear, there is the adrenaline blasting G-Force that takes you through the red roof before dropping you from a jaw dropping height of over 62 meters.

Closed On: Monday

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday, 11am – 8 pm
Arabian Nights VillageLocated deep into the Abu Dhabi heartland on a dedicated Al Khatem plot, Arabian Nights Village brings to life the soul and the essence of the old Arabia. Though the place can hardly be termed as a hotel, it is neither a rustic camp too. In fact, it is a once in a lifetime chance given to the visitors to experience the beauty, the mysticity and the timelessness of the traditional desert life. In order to provide a completely authentic peaceful experience, there are no on-site televisions with internet too available just for emergencies. There is also special water treatment facility in the village that utilizes the natural resources of the area to the fullest while ensuring minimum wastage of the same. This then is used for irrigating the landscaped gardens and the trees of the area. You can cool down in the idyllic swimming pool located right inside the village after you have a go at quad biking, dune bashing, falconry or sand surfing. You can even buckle up to tame the dunes with special desert driving lessons given on site three time of the day to give the guests a chance to try their hand at conquering the dune landscape.
Ice RinkLocated at Zayed''s Sports City just off the Airport Road, Abu Dhabi Ice Rink makes for a great change after the sands and sun of the deserts. If you are in the main town, the drive to the rink takes just few minutes of your time. However, it is a must-visit place offering a great way to beat the scorching heat of Dubai.However, owing to its popularity both among the locals as well as the tourists, you need to fist check up on the availability of the rink to avoid any disappointment.Ice skating lessons are also available for beginners at the Abu Dhabi Ice Rink in addition to the lessons for ice hockey on the weekends. A day is set aside for teaching ladies. A reasonable fee is charged for these lessons.
Al Jahili FortThe Jahili Fort, Abu Dhabi was home of the late ruler of Dubai Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The fort was built in (Zayed the First, 1855-1909)The fort is distinguished by its impressive main tower, which has four floors.

Jahili Fort, Abu Dhabi might seem to be comparatively small against a backdrop of other skyscraping buildings in Dubai and forts of Dubai. but this fort all the more important if we look from the point of its architecture and historical meaning. This fort tells about the history of Al Ain city and of the Emirate in general.

The fort, houses the most popular tourist museum in this region, Al Ain National Museum, Abu Dhabi. This museum has an extensive archaeological and ethnographical collection, including some gold pendants coin collection. The museum also has a large collection of gifts received by the President from visiting statesmen.

People who are interested the history of Dubai should definitely give a visit to this place. Tourists on tours to Dubai should visit Jahili Fort, Abu Dhabi because of its historical importance

Manaarat Al SaadiyatLiterally meaning ‘the place of enlightenment’, Mannarat al Saadiyat is a 15,400 square metre purposely built visitor center to bring alive the vision of the island right in front of your eyes. The place is an exquisite piece of art in itself what with its four galleries showcasing international art shows, a central events gallery, a 250 seating capacity theatre, sales centre, and a multi-cuisine restaurant. The Abu Dhabi arts gallery offers a rich educational experience for all the members of your family. The four galleries of the place are the contemporary arts gallery, Abu Dhabi arts gallery, the central events gallery and the universal gallery. Be sure to visit this art haven as this artistic jewel is sure to make the Saadiyat vision more than just lines in the sand.
Sheikh Zayed Grand MosqueSaid to be one of the largest mosques of the world, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is also one of the most important architecturally treasured buildings of the contemporary Middle Eastern society. The place may also be counted as one of the most beautiful mosques of the world what with its largest Persian carpet, its classic architecture and its beautifully large chandeliers. This architectural piece of art has over 1000 columns, features over 82 domes, and many 24 carat gold gilded chandeliers adorning its halls. Some of the best materials from all over the world such as Italian marble, crystals, semiprecious stones and fin ceramics have been used in the construction of this beautiful place. In fact, the mosque has been named after Sheikh Zayed who is also buried at the same site. Even as the dome shines in the sunlight with its striking gold and white colors reflected off perfectly by the sunlight, dusk brings about another sight right in front of your eyes transforming the place into an ethereal beauty with the unique lighting system put in place to show off the mosque at its best. There is just a small tip- finish off your other sightseeing or shopping for the day and visit the mosque at around 4:30 in the evening. It is a wonderful time to take some spectacular photos of the place and you will get enough time to enjoy the place at both levels. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, unlike some other famous mosques, is open to people from all nationalities and religions who want to take in the artistic splendor of the building.

Timings: Open daily except for Friday morning that is reserved for the worshippers

Remarks: During Ramadaan, the mosque is open daily except on Fridays from 9am to 12noon.

Yas LinksLocated in the rich ecosystem of the marine and bird life of Yas Island, Yas Links of Abu Dhabi can easily be counted as an extraordinary golf course that has found its name among the best golf courses of the planet. It is in fact the first Links golf course to be opened in Middle Eastern region. Set against the beautifully dramatic views of Arabian Gulf, the club offers an opportunity to experience the game complete with all its traditions and the trappings associated with it. It is an eighteen hole course as well as a nine-hole academy curse complete with a golf academy, clubhouse and various floodlit practice areas. The place is a heady mix of the thrilling golfing experience and an unparalleled visual experience that makes it a dream destination for golfers around the world.
Yas ViceroyLocated right alongside the Yas Marina Circuit on the Yas Island, Yas Viceroy is a true architectural marvel in terms of its architecture as well as its visual glory. This five star hotel is in fact the only one in the world to be straddling a F1 track that is built half on land and half on water. However, its most striking feature is its 219 meters long ‘grid shell’- a sweeping curvilinear expanse of glass and steel draping the hotel towers and linked by a bridge that crosses over the Formula 1 circuit. This shell has a lightning system incorporated within its structure that transmits live video feeds to the 5096 color changing diamond shaped glass panels. The effect this transmission creates is something that needs to be witnessed to be fully understood in terms of its effect and its magnitude. This stunning optical effect sets for an interesting visual against the surrounding sea, sky and desert landscape.
Yas WaterworldOffering some of the one of a kind rides, Yas Waterworld is a futuristic theme park that spans an area of over 15 football pitches and makes for a full day of family entertainment. For those looking for some thrills, there is the first and the largest hydromagnetic powered tornado waterslide of the world that is over 238 meters in length. There are also the largest surfable sheet waves of the world in the Bubble Barrel as well as the Bandit Bomber, a one of its kind roller coaster with onboard water and laser effects. You can have your share of fun as you shoot water, trigger special effects or drop water bombs at people passing by. However, the latest attraction to be added to the park is the altitude defying gigantic pearl that measures over eight meters in diameter and sits atop the Jebel Dana. The park is in fact based on ‘The Lost Pearl’ legend from the Abu Dhabi history that follows a young Emirati boy in search of a legendary pearl. Other exhibits that adorn the park include a pearl diving exhibit as well as a souk.

Timings: Daily 10am to 6pm (winter months) and 10am to 8pm (summer months)
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