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Umm al Quwain

Mother of two powers

Umm al QuwainUmm al QuwainUmm al QuwainUmm al QuwainUmm al Quwain
  • General Information

    Other Name: City of Beaches, District: NA, State: Umm al Quwain, United Arab Emirates
    Area: 750 km²
    Languages Spoken: Arabic and English
    Long Distance Code: +971 6
    Importance: It''s a major tourist sttraction in UAE and has a booming tourism industry.
    Best Time to Visit: September to December and March
    International Access: Connected to rest of UAE and with the world.
  • Description

    Umm al-Quwain is one of the emirates in the United Arab Emirates. It is located in the north of the country. The emirate is ruled by Rashid bin Ahmad Al Mu''alla, who has been a member of the UAE''s Supreme Council since 1981. The emirate had 62,000 inhabitants in 2003 (making it the least populous emirate in the federation) and has an area of 750 square kilometers. Accepted alternative spellings include Umm al Qiwain (used on its former postage stamps) as well as Umm al-Qawain, Umm al-Qaywayn, Umm el-Qiwain, and Umm al-Quwain.
  • Location

    It is located in the north of the country.
  • Climate

    Sub-tropical,Arid Climate
Al DurConsidered to be one of the best archaeological sites of UAE, Al Dur lies on the west coast of UAE between Ras al Khaymah and Ajman. With ruins dating back to over 2000 years, the place is also famous as the largest pre- Islamic site on Persian Gulf coast. In fact, it was an important trading port of ancient times. Archaeologists have unearthed many tombs and different types of stone homes that give a glimpse into a life of people of those times. In some cases, the tombs are much bigger containing remains of more than a single individual, perhaps the complete family. In addition to various interesting artifacts on display in the museum, there are two main attractions of the place. These include a small fort with round corner towers and square shape and the other is a small ancient temple dedicated to the Shamash, the Semitic sun god.

Timings: Open All time
Umm Al Quwain FortThis place is the right place for all the history buffs who want to get into the history and culture of UAE. The fort was, in fact, the residence of the Emirates ruler and the Sheikh of Umm Al Quwain and did the additional task of guarding the gate to the main city. The fort is located at just the right location to act as a watchtower, considering it oversees the sea at one side and the creek on other. After the residence of the Sheikh was shifted, the place first became a police station and then a museum. It is this museum that houses some of the carefully preserved important historical artifacts that were found at nearby archaeological sites such as Al Dour as well as a well preserved collection of weapons used throughout the history of UAE. The place is particularly popular as a tourist attraction as there are not many historical buildings in UAE and this one figures among the most important ones.

Timings: Open All Days
The fort of Umm al-Quwain once guarded the entrance to the old town by overseeing the sea on one side and the creek on the other. The Umm al-Quwain fort has been renovated and now houses a museum.

The museum displays artifacts found at important nearby archeological sites including Al Door. The exhibits provide a fascinating glimpse in to bygone period.

A wall that once surrounded the original settlement is scheduled for restoration.
Hobbies & Activities category: Archeological exhibit, museum; Town walls, fortifications, gates; Historical museum
Dreamland Aqua ParkPlay, sleep, splash, eat and relax, all to your heart’s content at this multipurpose facility that features among the most popular attractions of Umm al Quwain. As compared to other aqua parks, the Dreamland Aqua Park is the biggest and has the largest variety of games and rides for both the kids and the adults. There is the SpinDrop, the Aquaplay, the Kamikaze rides, children wading pools as well as several other rides that offer not just enjoyment and fun but also a thrilling experience. Due to its large size, the place has the capacity to hold over 7000 visitors at one single time, thus ensuring that you do not have to wait in long queues for your turn. With so many attractions, the place has something for everyone. In fact, there is even a thousand people capacity amphitheatre that is occasionally used as a venue for musical concerts, launch shows as well as various other programs. To make the days more enjoyable for their visitors, there is also a host of recreational and social activities such as overnight camps, water polo, beach volleyball, go-karting, and many others. So, be sure to visit the place to add more fun and laughter to your vacation.

Timings: 10 am to 6pm

Remarks: Fridays and public holidays are deemed as strictly family days

Seven islands of Umm al QuwainAway from the sunny hot atmosphere of the inland Umm al-Quwain, there is a different world waiting for you to explore right along the coastline where the sea breezes make for a cooler atmosphere. This world lives on the seven sandy islands that lie on the eastern side of mainland peninsula, separated by series of creeks and surrounded by lush green mangrove forests. Largest of the seven is Al-Sinniyah, then its Jazirat Al Gallah followed by Al Kaebe. These are all quite easily visible from the old town and offer a peaceful yet exciting retreat right in the middle of nature. The smaller ones are tucked right between them and the mainland and go by the names of Al Qaram, Al Sow, Al Chewria, Al Humaidi and Al Harmala. There is a navigable creek that runs between these islands making it the only connection these islands have with the mainland city. You can visit these islands as a part of a group or on private tour to enjoy the full extent of nature lapping right in front of your eyes.

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