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Cultural City

Taichung Confucius TempleTaichung Confucius TempleNational Taiwan Museum of Fine ArtsTaichungNational Museum of Natural ScienceTaichungTaichung Metropolitan ParkTaichungTaichung
  • General Information

    Other Name: -, , State: Central Region , Taiwan
    Area: 0
    Languages Spoken: Mandarin
    Long Distance Code: +886
    Importance: Cultural center of Budhism
    Best Time to Visit: January to December and -
    International Access: Road, High speed rail
  • Description

    Taichung City, center of economy, communication and culture in the middle of Taiwan Province, is the third biggest city of the Province as well. There are tourist centers inside the city area, like Zhongshan Park, Baojue Temple and Confucian Temple. They are the cultural center of Budhism of Taiwan, and over years the Budhist dharma gatherings are all held here.
  • Location

    Taichung is a city found in Taiwan, Taiwan. It is located 24.15 latitude and 120.68 longitude and it is situated at elevation 91 meters above sea level.
  • Climate

Taichung Confucius TempleThis large and colorful Confucius Temple was built to imitate a Song dynasty square-shaped palace. Every year on 28 September, the birthday of Confucius, the main door (Lingxing Door) is opened, and a dawn ceremony is held to commemorate the sage.

A short walk away is the Martyrs Shrine, dedicated to the fallen heroes of China's wars. The impressive gateway and the traditional Chinese palace-style architecture make this a impressive neighbor to the Confucius Temple.

Closed On: Monday
National Taiwan Museum of Fine ArtsThe Taiwan Museum of Art, which opened in 1988, has a total of 24 exhibition halls. The museum regularly holds exhibitions of Western art, Chinese brush paintings, and sculpture, and has its own collection of valuable pieces of art. Residents can relax in the garden outside the museum.

Closed On: Monday

Timings: 8:30 am-5 pm
National Museum of Natural ScienceAs one of the most heavily attended museums in Taiwan, and one of the most attended venues in Taichung, the Museum is in the distinguished company of the National Palace Museum in Taipei and the National Science and Technology Museum in Kaohsiung.
Across 22 exquisite acres, the Museum is a six-venue complex housing the Space IMAX Theater, Science Center, Life Science Hall, Human Cultures Hall (the original Chinese Science Hall), Global Environment Hall and the Botanical Garden, excluding the Earthquake Museum in Wufong. Over 30 permanent exhibit areas cover subjects on astronomy, space science, paleontology, ecology, gems and minerals, Taiwanese Aborigines, and tropical plants. Rotating special exhibits are a constant occurrence. It is also a place filled with hands-on exhibits that will delight children and adults of all ages. The Museum is also a major science learning center with over a half million school children visiting annually.

Closed On: Monday
Taichung Metropolitan ParkThe 88-hectare park includes a wide variety of walking paths, ponds, green areas and Tourist Service Center.

Timings: 8 am-6 pm