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Port City

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  • General Information

    Other Name: -, , State: Northern Taiwan , Taiwan
    Area: 0
    Languages Spoken: Standard Mandarin ,Taiwanese
    Long Distance Code: +886
    Importance: -
    Best Time to Visit: January to December and -
    International Access: Road, High speed rail
  • Description

    Keeling is one of the major cities of the island.The Keelung Ghost Festival is among the oldest in Taiwan.
  • Location

    Keelung is a city found in Taiwan, Taiwan. It is located 25.13 latitude and 121.74 longitude and it is situated at elevation 17 meters above sea level.
  • Climate

Heping Island ParkHeping Island was called Sheliao Island in the past. It is located at the north of Taiwan. Heping Bridge connects the island to Keelung City. In 1626, the Spanish army built castles, churches and fortresses, preparing to do business with China and Japan. The castle on the southwest is called San Salvador, the saint savior. This is the first and currently the only castle in Keelung. During the Spanish occupation, Heping Island had busy trading activities with Southeast Asia. After World War II, the island was renamed Heping Island. Today, it is a famous tourist attraction.

Heping Island is perfect for diving and sea fishing. With years of erosion by the wind and sea, the eroded rocks and coasts have formed special shapes. The Keelung government has made Heping Island a coastal park with swimming pool, tour track, tourism service center and food and beverages.
Nuandong Valley (literally, Warm Winter Valley) is located in Dongshikeng, Nuannuan District, southeast of Keelung City. There are river swiftly running across, trees towering around, and peculiar cliff landscapes, making the valley an ideal summer resort. Huoshaoliao, upstream, is the place with the highest rainfall in Taiwan. The forest in the valley is complete, with scaly tree-fern the major species. The air is clean and the river is clear, so it is suitable for family visits. It is also an ideal place for watching butterflies, especially the three-spot grass yellow butterfly.

The trails alongside the riverbanks are 2 itineraries. One runs along the cliff, allowing visitors to appreciate the splendid hanging cliff over the river valley. Another spreads next to the valley and connects with the red-brick trail, near a drawing bridge where visitors can see the refreshing and delicate landscapes, which accompanied by the murmuring stream allow one to forget all the troubles in the real world.