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Peach city

Chiayi Municipal MuseumLantan Holland Lake Scenic AreaThe Worlds Tenth Landmark of Tropic of Cancer
  • General Information

    Common Name: Chiayi City
    Other Name: Kagee, Kagi, Tirosen, , State: Southern Taiwan , Taiwan
    Area: 60.03 Sq. Km.
    Languages Spoken: Standard Mandarin, Taiwanese
    Long Distance Code: +886-5
    Importance: Chiayi fosters the folk arts and traditional handicrafts
    Best Time to Visit: January to December and -
    International Access: Chiayi City is served by Chiayi Airport located in the neighboring Chiayi County.
  • Description

    The city thrives chiefly on the traditional occupations of agriculture, fishery, forestry, animal husbandry, and salt mining.
  • Location

    Chiayi City is located on the north side of Chianan Plain, south-west of Taiwan Island. On the east side is Mount Ali, on the west side is the Chiayi Airport, on the north side is the Puzi River and on the south side is the Bazhang River. The distance from east to west of Chiayi City is 15.8 km (9.8 mi) and from north to south is 10.5 km (6.5 mi) with a total area of 60.0256 km2 (23.1760 sq mi). Chiayi City is completely surrounded by Chiayi County. Most of Chiayi City land is broad flat fertility plains. The terrain slowly rises from west to east.
  • Climate

    Chiayi City has a warm humid subtropical climate. Northeasterly winds during fall and winter mean that rainfall is depressed during that time, while southwesterly winds during summer and the later portion of spring bring most of the year's rainfall, with more than 60% falling from June to August. Humidity is high year-round, even during winter.
Chiayi Municipal MuseumThe Municipal Museum is located inside the Culture Center and mainly engaged in collecting, studying, displaying and educating historical relics. The Geology Hall, the Fossil Hall and Chen, Cheng-Po Room are used for regular exhibitions. There are three other special exhibition rooms and works are displayed on an irregular basis. A Koji workshop and one classroom are installed.
Lantan (Holland Lake) Scenic AreaThe Lantan is located in the neighborhood mountains near Chiayi City, three kilometers off downtown , called "red-hair pond" in old days. It was rumored that it was dug by the Dutch 300 years ago, so it is now called "Holland Lake."

At the side of Sanxin Pavilion, a colorful fountain is set up in the lake, and its surging water can go up to 50 meters, increases the beauty of the Holland Lake in a dynamic state.
The World's Tenth Landmark of Tropic of CancerJune 21st , 2004 was the summer solstice of Northern Hemisphere. On the same day, the world's tenth landmark of Tropic of Cancer was officially established. The landmark, including six marks representing Tropic of Cancer over the years, is located at the intersection between Bo'ai Road and Shixian Road in Chiayi, Taiwan.

Tropic of Cancer is the boundary of northern temperate and torrid zone. Polar circles, tropics, and the equator are significant landmarks of the world which divide the earth into five zones, including northern rigid zone, northern temperate zone, torrid zone, southern temperate zone, and southern rigid zone.

The landmark group of Tropic of Cancer in south western part of Chiayi City is located at the busy traffic base. The landmarks of the group are built in four different years. These landmarks may not be spectacular, yet they encompass traffic, sightseeing, historic, cultural, and geographic educational significances.

At present a marble tablet is erected in the central safety island in north-western direction. Illustrations with texts inscribed in the marble tablet inform people that the Tropic of Cancer had run through this place without notice at the end of eighteenth century and was closely related to the naming of Chiayi.

Illustration Regarding the Shifting of Tropic of Cancer to South

The tropics are the circles marking the latitudes based on astronomy's equal obliquity. Precession movement, nutation cycle, and pole shifting are three factors that change the angle of obliquity. Moreover, plate movement is another factor which causes the shift of tropics. As a result, The Tropic of Cancer shifts toward south at the speed of 14 meters or higher annually. In 1788, the Tropic of Cancer ran through the northern part of the intersection between Bo'ai Road and Shixian Road in Chiayi City.

In view that the intersection is an important traffic base of south-western Chiayi City, six historic landmarks of Tropic of Cancer are built as a beautiful landscape among roadways. Meanwhile, the landmarks are rich in history, culture, and astronomic education.