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City of Feasts and Festivals

Bhimsen MandirKwa Bahal PatanKrishna MandirMahabuddha TemplePatan Durbar SquarePatanPatanPatan
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    Other Name: Lalitpur, District: Bagmati , State: Central Region (Madhyamanchal) , Nepal
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    Importance: It is best known for its rich cultural heritage, particularly its tradition of arts and crafts.
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    After Bhaktapur and Khatmandu,Patan is the third of the three royal cities.A row of monuments indicates the importance of Patan for Buddhists.Patan`s central Durbar Square is absolutely packed with temples: it`s an architectural center point with a far greater concentration of temples per sq. meter.
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Bhimsen MandirThe large, platformless three-storied pagoda has the traditional rectangular plan of a Bhimsen or Bhairava shrine, the devotional image being housed on the first floor. Small bells hang from the widely jutting roofs, the struts of which are superbly carved. The gilded upper roof
supports a pataka, a metal strip by which the gods ascend to the Heavenly Fields.
Kwa BahalThe so-called Golden Temple is the richest monastery in Patan. A free standing shrine with a gilded roof tapering to a gajur (bell-shaped top) occupies the center of the temple court. Beyond it the broad-fronted three-storied temple with its gilded and silvered fa├žades stands in all its splendor.A beautifully worked silver torana representing some of the finest craftsmanship anywhere in the Kathmandu Valley embellishes the entrance.
Krishna MandirKrishna Mandir which is one of the grandeur of the square was built in 1637 by the king Siddhinarsingh Malla. The entire temple is constructed from the stone. Golden Temple which is the unique Buddhist Monastery was founded in the 12th century which is a large rectangular building has three roofs and a copper gilded facade with the images of Buddha and Avalokitesvara where there are Buddha images and illustrations on the walls. The square has.
MahabouddhaA little further from Patan Durbar Square lies this Buddhist Temple made of clay bricks in which thousands of images of the Lord Buddha are engraved. The Terra-cotta structure is a fourteenth-century Nepalese architectural masterpiece.
Patan Durbar SquareThe most important area with many monuments is the Patan Durbar Square. The key attractions are famous Krishna Temple with 21 golden pinnacles, Royal Taleju Temple etc. It was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Monuments in 1979.

Remarks: It was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage