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Paradise City

Dhulikhel SkylineBhagwati Temple DhulikhelDhulikhel Mountain ResortNamo Buddha Dhulikhel
  • General Information

    Other Name: -, District: Bagmati , State: Central Region (Madhyamanchal) , Nepal
    Area: 0
    Languages Spoken: English, Nepali
    Long Distance Code: -
    Importance: It is popular for viewing the sunrise and sunset.
    Best Time to Visit: August to November and Mar-April
    International Access: Kathmandu Airport
  • Description

    It is popular for its natural scenic beauty. Dhulikhel is the major tourist spot of Kavre district and is famous for natural as well as historical reasons. Dhulikhel is the administrative center of Kavre district and is located a a distance of 30 km from Kathmandu and 4 km from Banepa. Located on a hilltop surrounded by lush greenery, the place has become a major tourist attraction. The proximity to both natural beauty and historic town has added to Dhulikhel's charm. Altitude ranges from 1600 to 1700m and the place is far from the pollution and crowd. Dhulikhel's main attractions are the view of rows of snow-capped peaks. Devithan hillock renowned for viewing sunrise and sunset, historic Newar settlement and the artistic temples of the town. Dhulikhel provides an incomparable view of the Himalayan ranges, more than other tourist places. Dhulikhel is getting increasingly popular for picnics, gatherings, seminars and other programs. A large number of people, visit "Dhulikhel" in the weekends. Some stay overnight while others return at the end of the day. Due to the proximity to the city and good road connection. Dhulikhel is being viewed as an ideal retreat for the Kathmandu residents.Tourist on the way to Tibet also spend their night in Dhulikhel during the tourist season. The best time of year to visit Dhulikhel is in the autumn and winter seasons. There are many luxurious hotels and lodges operating in Dhulikhel connecting Kathmandu to the eastern Terai. Likewise, the Kodari Highway connects to the Chinese border 85 km to the North. The road distance to Kavre's Namobuddha is 15 km while Nagarkot could be reached after a 5-6 hour long hike. Once can also reach Namobuddha in 2-3 hours on foot taking a shortcut trails.
  • Location

    Dhulikel is a village some 30km (18 miles) from Kathmandu, on the Arniko highway to Tibet, lying at an altitude of some 1,470m, (4,822 ft).
  • Climate

    Nepal has a Monsoonal climate with four main seasons. Autumn and Spring are the two most favourable seasons for visiting Nepal. Autumn (September to early December) brings in clear weather with sunny days and warm nights. Spring (March to May) is clear and bright, with occasional rain showers. From June to September is the monsoon season. During this time the skies can be overcast and so the Himalayas are rarely visible from Kathmandu or Dhulikhel. Due to the hot weather and daily rainfall, this can be an uncomfortable time to visit.
Bhagawati TempleThis ancient structure houses the stunning image of the Goddess Bhagawati, she is carved from shining black stone and bedecked in jewelry and mala`s. From the hill top around the temple, you can also get inspiring views of the beautiful natural surroundings and the Himalaya.
Dhulikhel Mountain ResortThie resort provide alot to visitors.From here you can easily enjoy where ever you want to go in Dhulikhel.
A small temple and excellent spot from which to view the Himalaya.
Namo BuddhaHalf an hour`s drive from Dhulikhel takes you to Namo Buddha, a famous Monastery and shrine dedicated to the Shakyamuni Buddha. It was in this place he gave up his body to a starving tigress to save a boy. Situated on a knoll rising up form the surrounding valleys, this excursion provides some of the finest views of the enchanting scenery.

Remarks: Famous Monastery

For Tamang Buddhists the north stupa is one of their most important shrines.The stupa is said to hold the remains of the prince who was transformed into a Buddha. The place where this happened is decorated with colored prayer flags. The legend is inscribed on a small stone plaque.

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