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Habitat of the Endangered Species

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    Other Name: -, District: Bheri , State: Mid Western Region (Madhya Pashchimanchal) , Nepal
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    Languages Spoken: Nepali
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    Best Time to Visit: August to November and -
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  • Description

    Bardia is a geographic region in the Kingdom of Nepal.Bardia comprises a portion of the Terai, or lowland hills and valleys of southern Nepal. The faunal diversity of the park includes 53 species of mammals including endangered megaherbivores like rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis) and elephant (Elephas maximus), more then 25 species of reptiles, over 400 species of birds, 121 species of fishes and unknown diversity of mollusks and arthropods.
  • Location

    To reach Bardia, take the daily air flight or public bus from Kathmandu to napalgunj, from where it is a five hour drive to the park office at Thakurdwara. This nature sanctuary is best visit from October to April.
  • Climate

    with a drier climate and a remote location, Bardia encompasses 1,000-sq-kms of riverine grassland and sal forests which adds to the joy of an adventure trip
Royal Bardia National ParkThe Royal Bardia National Park is situated on the eastern banks of the Karnali River, about 400-km west of Kathmandu. The park is 968 sq. km in area and extends from the Churia hills southward to the gentle slopes of the ''Bhabhar''. The western end of the Bardia is bounded by numerous waterways of the Karnali River, which have created many large and small gravel islands. A mosaic of grassland and forest of Acacia, Sisam and the large Buttrersed silk cotton trees cover these islands and much to the lower ground. Bardia is the home of a wide variety of animals, many of which live in and around the National Park. Spotted deer, Black buck, Hog deer, Samber deer, Wild boar, Swamp deer, two species of Monkeys, Wild elephants, Crocodile, Dolphin and Blue bull are found here. More than 350 species of birds have been recorded in Bardia, truly a bird watcher''s paradise. Programs: 4 Days/ 3 Nights standard Package.

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Babai RiversBabai rivers are perennial river systems that flow through the park.Babai river drains the park in the northeastern sector.
The Babai valley extending from Parewa odar to Chepang (bridge) was included in the park in 1984, and is saddled in the northeastern section of the park and represents typical example of an inner terai dune ecosystem.
The Karnali River RaftingThe karnali river is the largest and longest river in nepal,is the destination of most rafters in nepal.

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