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The Capital City.

  • General Information

    Other Name: The islands of Malé'', District: Male, State: Male, Maldives
    Area: 0 -
    Languages Spoken: Dhivehi and English
    Long Distance Code: -
    Importance: A major turist destination.
    Best Time to Visit: December to April and November
    International Access: Connected to all the major cities of the world by air and water.
  • Description

    Male is the capital, the largest city and the name of an island in the Republic of Maldives. It is located at the southern edge of North Male'' Atoll Kaafu Atoll. It is also one of the Administrative divisions of the Maldives. Traditionally it was the King''s Island from where the ancient Maldive Royal dynasties ruled and where the palace was located, the city was also called Mahal. Formerly it was a walled city surrounded by fortifications and gates (doroshi). The Royal Palace (Gan''duvaru) was destroyed along with the picturesque forts (kotte) and bastions (buruzu), when the city was remodelled under President Ibrahim Nasir''s rule after the abolition of the monarchy.
  • Location

    It is located at the southern edge of North Male'' Atoll Kaafu Atoll.
  • Climate

    Tropical Climate.
Though, there are a number of beautiful white sandy beaches in Maldives, but its capital city, where all the commercial activities are carried out, is unfortunately not blessed with beaches. For people in Male, there is a place where they can go to have some fresh air. Well, it is the Maldives artificial beach that has been constructed in the recent times. Most of the people freak out over here during the late afternoon time.

Artificial beach in Maldives provides an opportunity to Maldivians to enjoy a good swim during summers. Infact, the beach is now not just meant for enjoying an evening walk or a swim, but also it is gaining popularity owing to a variety of entertainment activities that take place here like the different kinds of water sports, live music shows etc. Carnivals and parades are also conducted here.
Esjehi art gallery in Maldives is located on the east of Sultan Park, in one of the oldest buildings of Male, the capital of Maldives. The basic aim of setting up Esjehi art gallery was to preserve and promote the traditional and modern artwork of the people of Maldives.

It conducts various workshops, thus giving opportunity to the local artists to display their artwork. Maldives Esjehi art gallery is not very large, but has decent number of rooms containing beautiful carvings and preserved wood panels. Occasionally, it also hosts exhibitions.
Grand Friday mosque, Masjid-al-Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu-al-A "z" zam is the biggest mosque of Maldives. This grand architecture of bygone times was constructed by the Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar in 1656. The grand Friday mosque of Maldives also includes the famous Islamic center. Grand Friday mosque in Maldives has a capacity to accommodate nearly 5000 people.

The dominant golden dome of the Maldives Grand Friday mosque adorns the facade of Male''. The artwork in this mosque is simply mind blowing. This magnificent edifice, with its unique minarets, amazing coral engravings and tombs of national heroes and members of royalty, provides the tourists with the glimpses of the past.
Hukuru Miskiiy in Maldives is the oldest mosque of the country that was established in the year 1956. This old Friday mosque was set up during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar I. Hukuru Miskiiy is known for its fine lacquer work and intricate woodcarvings.

Built with coral stones, the interior and exterior walls of the mosque are beautifully carved with Arabic writings and other ornamental designs. Different kinds of woods are used in the making of the doors, window frames and roof of Hukuru Miskiiy. If you visit the place, you can also find the various ancient tombstones erected in its compound.
Located along the northern waterfront in Male, Jumhoorie Maidan in Maldives was set up in the year 1989. More commonly known as the republic square of Maldives, the Jumhoorie Maidan with its green grass and lush vegetation serves as one of the most popular places for social gatherings. It is the teens favorite evening hangout place.

Where we have the Maidan today, earlier there were some government buildings over there. Towards its west, lies the commercial buildings; to its south lie the Islamic center and the headquarters of the National Security Service (NSS). On the eastern side, one can see the new Headquarters of the Police. On the northern side of the waterfront, where it is situated, one can enjoy the seaside view.
Located in front of the Friday mosque, Maldives Mulee Aage palace was built in the year 1906. The credit for its construction goes to the Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen III. It was before World War I that the Sultan built this palace for his son. However, when the Sultan was overthrown in May 1936, Muleeaage palace of Maldives was officially declared as the government''s property.

In 1953, when Maldives became a republic, Mulee Aage palace became the President''s Official Residence. It was later in the year 1986 that it was renamed the Presidential Palace. However, in the present times, this colonial style building serves as the office of president, where official meetings are held. This spectacular building with its beautiful white carvings definitely falls into the category of must visit tourist attraction destinations.
One of the major tourist attraction spots in Maldives is the Male fish market. Being the hub of commercial activities, Maldives fish market is a place that is always overcrowded with people. The shops over here are stocked with a wide variety of products. It is here in the fish market of Maldives that dhonis from different parts of the country unload the dried fish, fresh fruits and vegetables collected from the various atolls.

The pace of activities picks up during the mid-afternoon, when fishing dhonis come back with their day''s catch. Fish catch, mainly consisting of the tuna fish, is taken across the road to the open-sided market, where they are laid out on the tiled floors. The moment these fishes are displayed, they are bought by the locals. The fish market is kept very clean and washed each day.
National museum in Maldives is one of the main tourist attraction destinations of the country. Located in the Sultan Park, which was a part of the Sultan''s palace, it is basically a conversion of the old palace building. The museum has a valuable collection of objects of the past that depict the history and rich cultural heritage of the country.

The Maldives national museum was opened for public display on the National Day, 1 Rabeeul Awwal 1372 A.H., (19th November 1952). It was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister, Ameer Mohamed Amin Didi. The purpose of setting up the museum was to preserve the history of Maldives and to invoke the patriotic feelings of people.

The museum houses a number of fabulous objects belonging to the Sultans. It consists of the ornaments and costumes worn by various kings and queens, stone items of the Maldives'' pre-Islamic period, paper and cloth manuscripts, arms and armor, photographs of important personalities, anthropological objects and other such items that exhibit the past Maldivian way of life.