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Port City

Kisumu Bird SanctuaryCrocodiles in Ndere Island National ParkImpala SanctuaryKit Mikayi RockSunset at Hippo PointHippo PointImpala SanctuaryKisumu Bird SanctuaryKit Mikayi RockKisumu MuseumNdere Island National Park
  • General Information

    Other Name: Millennium City, , State: Nyanza , Kenya
    Area: 0
    Languages Spoken: Swahili, English
    Long Distance Code: -
    Importance: -
    Best Time to Visit: - to - and -
    International Access: -
  • Description

    It is the third largest city in Kenya.There are so many attractions in Kisumu city some of them are the Kisumu Museum, an impala sanctuary and Hippo Point.The city is developing in the field of tourism.
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Hippo PointHippo Point is near village of Dunga.The best attraction is the sunset over the lake is the most memorable scene you can watch here.
Impala SanctuaryIt is one of the smallest wildlife preserves in Kenya.Here you can see herd of impala.Hippos are also seen grazing here.
Kisumu Bird SanctuaryIt is spread into large area and here storks,egrets,heronsetc breeds.The best time to visit April and May.
Kit MikayiKit Mikayi means stones of the first wife.It is a large rock on which there are three rocks.It is also known as weeping rock.
Kisumu MuseumThis museum offers many information about wildlife and nature of Kenya and Nyanza province,jewellery,tools etc.The museum consists of many pavillions.Some pavilion contains live animals like fish from lake Victoria, another pavilion contains cobras,mambas,snakes etc. Some other pavilion show jewellery,farm tools etc.
Ndere Island National ParkIt is a small island with beautiful variety of impalas and spotted crocodiles,bird species,hippos etc.