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The Marathi city of lakes

ThaneThaneThaneThaneYeur Hills Yeur Hills TitwalaGaneshpuriKalyan Kalyan Kalyan Talao Pali
  • General Information

    District: Mumbai, State: Maharashtra, India
    Area: 48 Sq. Km.
    Languages Spoken: Marathi, Hindi, English.
    Long Distance Code: +91-22
    Best Time to Visit: September to March
  • Description

    Thane is a large industrial complex of chemicals, engineering products, and textiles. Proximity to the capital of the state and a big metropolis of Mumbai has changed Thane from a small agricultural town with few villages, to a big industrial city and a nearly a suburb for the people of Mumbai. Thane has a long history proofs of which are the several historical buildings, including a fort and several churches. Thane appears in the works of the Greek geographer, Ptolemy, who, in his writings (l35 - 150 AD) refers to a place called "Chersonesus", which, according to researchers is the area around Thane creek. The great world trotter Marco Polo too had been here in 1290 A.D. Slabs and copper plates dating back to 11th century have been excavated in Thane.<br />The present name Thane, which means a station or a post, has been derived from its original name Shristhanak. This means a place where Ganapati resides. The word Sthanak has been converted to thane.<br />
  • Location

    30 kms North East of Mumbai in the western coast of India, is this small industrial town of Thane. The city has nearly 23 lakes and is surrounded by hills and small jungles. Thane is the beginning of Konkan lowlands and comprises the wide amphitheater like basin of the Ulhas River and the hilly Vaitarna valley together with plateaus skirting the Sahyadri Mountain scarp.
Yeur HillsThe Yeur Hills offer nature at its bountiful best. This pollution free zone is a great getaway from the daily traffic hassles and hazardous life. These hills are also called as the "Mama Bhanja Hills" and a visit to the Swami's Math is a must.
TitwalaTitwala is about 45-km from Thane district. It is considered as sacred pilgrim centre as it houses Maha Ganesh Temple and the temple of Shri Vithoba. Nearby is a place, called Ambarnath. The beautiful temple here, dating back to dating back to the 11th century, is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple in black stone is built in the 'Hemadpanti' style of architecture.
GaneshpuriA small township near Bhivandi, about 40 kms from Thane is Ganeshpuri, residence of Swami Nityanand Maharaj. It is also famous for its hot water springs. There is an old temple with four tanks called Kundas which are interconnected and are said to have been built some 800 years ago.
Kalyankalian has always carried an important place in Marathi history. Today it is a main railway junction and there are rice mills and factories making car spare parts. Kalyan is an ancient port, dating back to the Gupta dynasty (320-550?). Extensive ruins in Kalyan indicate the city's former magnificence. It was occupied by the Bijapur sultanate (a Muslim state) in the 1500s and later by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, who fortified the city in the mid-1600s. Later the Marathas occupied the area, making Kalyan one of their strategic centers because it guarded the entrance to Bombay and the western coast of India. \r\nThe ruins can still be visited and also the Hajimalang Darga on the Mangalgad Hill nearby.\r\n
Talao PaliThere are around 23 lakes in the city, which are worth a visit. The most important and beautiful of them all is the Masunda Talao, termed by the locals as Talao Pali. The lake offers boating facilities and water scooters are available too.

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Thane, India
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Thane, India