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A Town Of Three Industries

SivakasiKasi Viswanatha Swami TempleExcursions of SivkasiSri Mariamman KovilSri Pathira Kaliamman TempleBadrakaliamman TempleChurches of Sivkasi
  • General Information

    District: Virudhunagar, State: Tamil Nadu, India
    Area: 6 Sq. Km.
    Languages Spoken: Tamil and English
    Long Distance Code: +91-4562
    Importance: Famous for its firework industries.
    Best Time to Visit: October to February
  • Description

    Known as the town of three industries which are, Fire works and Printing, Sivakasi was named as Mini Japan by the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Best known for its firework industry and offset printing machines of which it has the second largest number in the world, only next to Guthenburg in Germany, Sivakasi is the highest excise duties, sales tax paying industrial town in India.<br />When Hindus just hear the very name 'Kasi', it evokes religious sentiments with them. Kasi is a place where every devout Hindu is expected to visit once in his lifetime. Apart from that there are two other Kasi's in Tamil Nadu -Tenkasi (meaning the Southern Kaasi) located near Courtallam, close to Kerala and Sivakasi (Kassi of Siva) located at South of Madurai. It is interesting to note how Sivakasi came to be called so. The king, Ankesari Parakrama Pandyan ruled the southern region of Madurai, with his capital at Tenkasi. He wished to establish a Shiva temple at Tenkasi and he had planned to visit Kasi Varanasi to worship Lord Shiva there and bring a Linga from there.
  • Location

    74 kms south of Madurai.
Kasi Viswanatha Swami TempleKasi Viswanatha Swami Temple is an ancient temple in Sivakasi. The presiding deity is Kasi Viswanatha Swami or Kashi Vishwanath Swami (Lord Shiva) and the Goddess worshipped here is Visalatchi Ambal.\r\nFestivals Celebrated At Kasi Viswanatha Swami Temple\r\n"Powrami Pooja" is held on every full moon day. "Prathosam" is very popular among the people of Sivakasi. On that day many people come to worship the God. "Karthikai Thiruvizha" is celebrated in "Aadi Karthigai and Thai Karthigai" days. "108 Changabishegam" is held on every last Monday of Tamil month to Sri Kasi Viswanathar and on every last Friday of Tamil month to Sri Vishalatchi Ambal. "Thanga Kavasam Satruthal" is held in the beginning of every Tamil month, every Pradthosam, on Shivaratri and on other festival days.\r\n
In Sivakasi there are 3 famous Mosques - \r\n1) Sapi Mathap Palli Vasal, \r\n2) Hanapi Mathap Cepaskori Palli Vasal and \r\n3) Hanapi Pallivasal.
Excursions of SivkasiAyyanar Falls\r\nAyyanar falls are located at a distance of about 40- km from Sivakasi town. It is a suitable place for enjoying the holidays, with a temple and small waterfalls. \r\n\r\nSastha Falls\r\nLocated at a distance of 27-km from Rajapalayam and 12-km from Devadanam is the Sastha falls, a picnic spot with good cool water streams, waterfalls and several smooth rock slopes for playful sliding. Elephants, Spotted Deers, Wild Buffaloes can be spotted here.\r\n\r\nSanjeevi Hills\r\nAt a distance of 3-km from Rajapalayam on the way to chatrapatti are the Sanjeevi Hills. In the epic Ramayana, in order to save the unconscious Lakshman, Hanuman brought the entire Sanjeevi Hill with the herbal plants to Sri Lanka and after wards through it away .It is said that this is the hill that was thrown away.
Sri Mariamman KovilSri Mariamman Kovil is another famous temple in Sivakasi. Sri Mariamman is the Goddess of the temple. "Kumbabhishekam" for this temple was held on 21-1-1983. "Kumbabhishekam" for the "Gopuram" of this temple was held on 6-2-1984. There is a beautiful Silver Ratham in the temple.
Sri Pathira Kaliamman TempleSri Pathira Kaliamman Temple is a very famous temple in Sivakasi. Sri Pathira Kaliamman is the Goddess of this temple. "Kumbabhishekam" for this temple was held on 11-06-1987. "Kumbabhishekam" for the "Raja Gopuram" (Main Tower) was held on 7-7-1995. Raja Gopuram has the length of 66 feet, width of 44 feet and the height of 110 feet of 7 stages. The base was constructed by stone, for 30 feet with 100 sculptures in 6 years. 80 feet of 7 stages was constructed with 30 architects within a period of 11 year.\r\nIt owns the biggest tower of all the Amman temples in India. Powrnami Puja is celebrated grandly on the full moon day. Large numbers of people come to worship the Goddess. There is a very beautiful garden in this temple, and it impresses the visitors to a greater extent.
Badrakaliamman TempleThe magnificent tower of Sri Badrakaliamman Temple in Sivakasi has a glittering gold Kalasam that attract all newcomers. The temple itself is an expression of self-assertion by members of Nadar Community who were ill treated earlier. A separate committee called "Devasthanam Committee" was constituted to look after the routine affairs, like conducting daily pooja and sponsoring festivals. This temple has been periodically renovated since 1983-84. The Rajagopuram was constructed within the period of 8 years and is believed to be the tallest of all kali temple towers in the state.
Churches of SivkasiThere are three sections among Christians, which are Roman Catholics, Protestants and Pentagosthe, and all the three groups have very old churches at Sivakasi.\r\nOur Lady of Lord's Church\r\nRoman Catholics constructed "Our Lady of Lord's Church" on 1953 by Father Balaiya S.J. The area of the church is 60 cents of which 800 persons can pray at a time. This church is constructed in Portuguese style. About 11 Churches around Sivakasi are attached with it. The Church concentrates on making humanization through education, also works for the eradication of Child Labour. \r\nRockland Church\r\nProtestants constructed "Rockland Church". Mr. E.H.M. Waller started the work on 29-6-1917 and it took 81 years to finish. In 29-12-1925 Thiru Packenham Walsh inaugurated the church.