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Capital of Meghalaya.

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  • General Information

    District: East Khasi Hills, State: Meghalaya, India
    Area: 0
    Languages Spoken: Local dialects and English
    Long Distance Code: +91-364
    Importance: Capital city of Meghalaya
    Best Time to Visit: October to May
  • Description

    The Capital of the state, Shillong was once the capital of the undivided Assam during the British rule. Perched at the height of around 1500 meters, Shillong gets its name form the presiding deity of the region Lei Shyllong. The beautiful hill station offers a spectrum of beautiful places and excursions in and around the city. Dotted with Victorian bungalows and churches this pretty little town boasts of a 18 hole golf course, supposed to be one of the best in the country.
Balpakram National ParkThis huge park is most untouched by the tourist invasion and as a result one can see the animals in their actual natural habitat. It is located south of Tura, and features the canyon of the Mahadeo River. It has been the home for the wildlife such as the tiger, elephant, barking deer, and gaur. The park is also known for its medicinal herbs. Another reason for its isolation is the myth surrounding the park. It is believed that the souls of the Garo tribes linger here after death. But the isolation has lead to a true manifestation of wild life in natural conditions.
Umiam LakeAn ideal Lake resort which is 15 kms from the city of Shillong, it offers a wide arena of water sports such as the water skiing and water biking etc. Surrounded by orchids all around, it's the beautiful spot to spend a day.
State MuseumThe state museum opposite to the library houses the rare artifacts that give a glimpse of the tradition and the culture of the state. \r\nThere is a unique personal museum in Shillong which is called as the Butterfly Museum. This privately owned museum has a huge collection of various butter flies and moths.
Shilong WaterfallsShillong has many water falls those pour throughout the year and are in full fall during the monsoon. Some of the beautiful and famous waterfalls of Shillong are the Beadon falls, the Bishop falls and the Elephant falls. \r\n
Around 50 kms from Shillong, the capital of the state of Meghalaya is the beautiful tourist spot called the Mawjinbuim caves. Apart from the natural beauty it offers a marvel in a cave. There is a stalagmite Shiva Lingam formed here which receives steady drops of water from a stone formed like a breast.
Shillong peakThe highest mountain in the state of Shillong, the Shillong peak offers a stupendous view of the surroundings and the beautiful nature. It commands a magnificent view of the city of Shillong especially in the night when lights are seen just like twinkling of stars, down below!
Ward's LakeLocated right in the heart of the city is this beautiful lake called the Ward's Lake. It gives a dazzling view of the idyllic surrounding and one can enjoy a boat ride amidst the natural surroundings.
Meghalaya Cultural Tour

Meghalaya Cultural Tour
(6 Days / 5 Nights)

Meghalaya Cultural Tour / PI-0504 (6 Days / 5 Nights)
Delhi-Kolkata-Guwahati-Shillong-Cherapunjee-Shillong-Umaim Lake-Guwahati-Delhi

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Delhi-Kolkata
Day 2 : Guwahati - Shillong
Day 3 : Shillong
Day 4 : Shillong - Cherapunjee - Shillong
Day 5 : Shillong - Umaim Lake - Guwahati
Day 6 : Guwahati-Delhi
Adventure Tour India

Adventure Tour India
(25 Days / 24 Nights)

On Request
Adventure Tour India / PI-0440 (25 Days / 24 Nights)
Guwahati-Cherrapunji-Shillong-Kaziranga-Kohima-Touphema-Kohima-Kipfiizha-Dziikuo valley-Dziikou Valley-Kipfiizha-Kohima-Khonoma-Kohima-Jorhat-Dirang-Sela Pass-Sayla-Chabrilla-Nurarang-Tawang-Dirang-Sangti Valley-Dirang-Bhalukpong-Guwahati

Get a glimpse of the land of fiercely independent Angami Warrior Nagas in addition to trekking in some of the best valleys of the region. Discover the beauty and charm of this mystical and picturesque place noted for its unhurried pace of life, calm environments as well as fresh unpolluted air.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Guwahati
Day 2 : Guwahati - Cherrapunji
Day 3 : Cherrapunji
Day 4 : Cherrapunji
Day 5 : Cherrapunji - Shillong
Day 6 : Shillong
Day 7 : Shillong - Kaziranga
Day 8 : Kaziranga
Day 9 : Kaziranga - Kohima
Day 10 : Touphema-Kohima
Day 11 : Kipfiizha - Dziikuo valley
Day 12 : Dziikou Valley- Kipfiizha
Day 13 : Kohima - Khonoma
Day 14 : Kohima - Jorhat
Day 15 : Jorhat - Dirang
Day 16 : Dirang - Sela Pass
Day 17 : Sayla - Chabrilla
Day 18 : Chabrilla - Nurarang - Tawang
Day 19 : Tawang
Day 20 : Tawang - Dirang
Day 21 : Sangti Valley
Day 22 : Sangti Valley - Dirang
Day 23 : Dirang - Bhalukpong
Day 24 : Bhalukpong - Guwahati
Day 25 : Guwahati

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