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The city of the Rajas

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  • General Information

    District: Rajkot, State: Gujarat, India
    Area: 69 Sq. Km. (District)
    Languages Spoken: Gujarati, Hindi English
    Long Distance Code: +91-6119
    Best Time to Visit: October to March
  • Description

    Rajkot literally means the City of the kings, the Rajas. It was founded in the year of 1610 by Vibhaji Jadeja and Raju Sandhi. Today's bustling city was once the princely capital of Saurashtra and later also the Headquarters of the British Raj. The city has a number of impressive colonial buildings and educational institutions. Today its association with the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, is more famous than anything else. Gandhi's father was an employee of the king of Saurashtra and hence the Mahatma's schooling was done from this place<br />Today Rajkot is a city vibrant with business activities and one of the major cities of Gujarat. The city has a number of impressive colonial buildings and educational institutions. It is famous for its handicrafts like silver and textiles and the highlight of the city is the National weaving institute promoting the traditional weaves.
  • Location

    Rajkot is situated in the Saurashtra region of the western Indian state of Gujarat. Being centrally located in the Saurashtra region, Rajkot is completely surrounded by land, except for a tiny portion which reaches out to the sea.
PorbandarThe actual birth town of Mahatma Gandhi, Porbandar is situated at the end of Saurashtra. Nearly 130 kms from Rajkot, the small t own is a beautiful seaport on the Arabian Sea. Known as the white city for the houses build in white stone, Porbandar has a 79 feet high imposing building to commemorate the birth of Gandhi. \r\nThe Kirti Mandir is the ancestral house of Gandhi, which now a national monument has been kept intact. It was in this house that Gandhi was born.\r\nThe Morvi town nearby is famous for its clocks, tiles and ceramic items.\r\n
The Jagat MandirThe Jagat Mandir is a beautiful red stone carved temple dedicated to the great saint of modern times, Ramakrishna Paramhans.
GondalAbout 40 kms south of Rajkot is Gondal on the banks of river Gondali. This place is famous for the two most exquisite palaces built by the erstwhile Maharaja. The Naulakha Palace and the Riverside Palace, both are the built and decorated lavishly. Today they have been converted into heritage hotels. The highlight of the Orchard or the Riverside Palace is the Vintage Car Garage.
Kaba Gandhi No DeloThis is the place where Gandhi and his family stayed during his father's tenure as a Minister to the King in Rajkot. Today it has been converted into a memorial to the Mahatma. It houses a Rashtriya Shala, promoting Gandhi's love for handlooms by teaching and encouraging various kinds of weavings and handicrafts.
The Watson museumThe prime attraction of Rajkot is the Watson Museum and Library, located in the Jubilee Gardens, commemorated Colonel James Watson, political agent of Saurashtra from 1886-89. The Museum which houses few of the rare artifacts is flanked by two imperial lions at its entrance and is considered to be a good introduction to the cultural heritage of Saurashtra.\r\nIt houses some of the rare portraits and photographs of royal princes of Saurashtra and European dignitaries, 13th-century carvings, temple statues, natural history exhibits, and dioramas of local tribal costumes and housing styles. The most important are the historic finds from the archaeological sites and a 19th century statue of Queen Victoria seated on a throne.\r\n
The Rajkumar CollegeEstablished in 1870 specifically for the education of the princess of Indian states, it was known as the Alfred high school. Owing to the high standards of education provided in the school it rose to prominence and became the most sought after school in the region. Still regarded as one of the best private institutions of India, Gandhi attended his classes I this very school. The Gothic Norman structured E shape building is a must visit.
Best Of Gujarat

Best Of Gujarat
(11 Days / 10 Nights)

Best Of Gujarat / PI-0492 (11 Days / 10 Nights)

Better known as the land of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and the iron man, Sardar Patel, Gujarat has always been a prominent state in the history of India. Here seas meet sparkling sands, lions and wild ass roam in jungles and marble temples and palaces reflect the past glory. With this fascinating tour, visit this folk land which takes you to the pages of history and shows you the India you would love to see.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Mumbai-Ahmedabad
Day 2 : Ahmedabad
Day 3 : Ahmedabad - Bhavnagar
Day 4 : Bhavnagar - Diu
Day 5 : Diu
Day 6 : Diu - Gir - Rajkot
Day 7 : Rajkot - Bhuj
Day 8 : Bhuj
Day 9 : Bhuj-Jamnagar
Day 10 : Jamnagar
Day 11 : Jamnagar - Mumbai
Best of Gujarat

Best of Gujarat
(6 Days / 5 Nights)

On Request
Best of Gujarat / PI-0236 (6 Days / 5 Nights)

With one of the most colourful profiles among all Indian states, Gujarat is a beautiful, fertile and prosperous place with a lush coastline, majestic hills and picturesque rivers and reservoirs. The historical monuments, sacred religious places and small cozy towns and villages just add to the whole physical prosperity and cultural pride of Gujarat. So, come visit today this land that has been home to Lord Krishna to Mahatma Gandhi.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Ahmedabad
Day 2 : Ahmedabad - Rajkot
Day 3 : Rajkot - Somnath
Day 4 : Somnath - Dwarka
Day 5 : Dwarka
Day 6 : Dwarka - Jamnagar
Splendid Gujarat

Splendid Gujarat
(15 Days / 14 Nights)

On Request
Splendid Gujarat / PI-0275 (15 Days / 14 Nights)
Mumbai-Rajkot-Junagadh-Sasan Gir-Veraval-Somnath-Diu-Palitana-Bhavnagar-Lothal-Ahmedabad-Dungarpur-Udaipur-Mumbai

West India has a fascinating variety of landscapes, superb beaches linked with Bollywood, plethora of monuments of age old civilization i.e. Indus valley civilization which makes this as interesting region to spend time in.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Mumbai
Day 2 : Mumbai
Day 3 : Mumbai - Rajkot
Day 4 : Rajkot - Junagadh - Sasan Gir
Day 5 : Sasan Gir
Day 6 : Sasan Gir - Veraval - Somnath - Diu
Day 7 : Diu
Day 8 : Diu - Palitana - Bhavnagar
Day 9 : Bhavnagar
Day 10 : Bhavnagar - Lothal - Ahmedabad
Day 11 : Ahmedabad
Day 12 : Ahmedabad - Dungarpur
Day 13 : Dungarpur - Udaipur
Day 14 : Udaipur
Day 15 : Udaipur - Mumbai
Gujarat Rajasthan

Gujarat Rajasthan
(16 Days / 15 Nights)

On Request
Gujarat Rajasthan / PI-0365 (16 Days / 15 Nights)
Mumbai-Rajkot-Gondal-Bhavnagar-Palitana-Ahmedabad-Mount Abu-Udaipur-Jaipur-Agra-Jhansi-Orchha-Khajuraho-Varanasi-Delhi

This Gujarat Rajasthan trip has been specially designed to give the contrasting flavor of Indian landscapes. In Rajasthan and Gujarat, you will get to visit several celebrated tourist cities such as Jaipur, known worldwide as the “Pink City”, Udaipur famous for its romantic ambience and fabulous lake palaces, Mount Abu, the only hill station of Rajasthan, Ahmedabad famous for its Indo Saracenic architectural style mosques and buildings and several others.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Mumbai
Day 2 : Mumbai-Rajkot-Gondal
Day 3 : Gondal - Bhavnagar
Day 4 : Bhavnagar - Palitana - Ahmedabad
Day 5 : Ahmedabad
Day 6 : Ahmedabad - Mount Abu
Day 7 : Mount Abu - Udaipur
Day 8 : Udaipur
Day 9 : Udaipur - Jaipur
Day 10 : Jaipur - Agra
Day 11 : Agra
Day 12 : Agra - Jhansi - Orchha - Khajuraho
Day 13 : Khajuraho - Varanasi
Day 14 : Varanasi - Delhi
Day 15 : Delhi
Day 16 : Delhi
Gujarat with Madhya Pradesh

Gujarat with Madhya Pradesh
(20 Days / 19 Nights)

On Request
Gujarat with Madhya Pradesh / PI-0417 (20 Days / 19 Nights)
Delhi-Khajuraho-Jhansi-Datia-Sonagiri-Gwalior-Bhopal-Ujjain-Indore-Mandu-Indore-Ahmedabad-Modhera-Zainabad-Wankner-Rajkot-Junagadh-Sasan Gir-Somnath-Ahmedpur-Mandvi-Ahmedpur Mandvi-Bhavnagar-Ahmedabad-Mumbai

Located in the center of India, Madhya Pradesh is also known as ‘Heart of India’ and has several natural features ranging from plateaus, river valleys, hills and forests. The trip also covers the beautiful state of Gujarat that pays tribute to its past splendors with its superb monuments and rich cultural diversity.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Delhi
Day 2 : Delhi - Khajuraho
Day 3 : Khajuraho
Day 4 : Khajuraho - Jhansi
Day 5 : Jhansi - Datia - Sonagiri - Gwalior
Day 6 : Gwalior
Day 7 : Gwalior - Bhopal
Day 8 : Bhopal
Day 9 : Bhopal - Ujjain - Indore
Day 10 : Indore - Mandu - Indore
Day 11 : Indore - Ahmedabad
Day 12 : Ahmedabad - Modhera - Zainabad
Day 13 : Zainabad - Wankner - Rajkot
Day 14 : Rajkot - Junagadh - Sasan Gir
Day 15 : Sasan Gir
Day 16 : Sasan Gir - Somnath - Ahmedpur Mandvi
Day 17 : Ahmedpur Mandvi - Bhavnagar
Day 18 : Bhavnagar - Ahmedabad
Day 19 : Ahmedabad - Mumbai
Day 20 : Mumbai
Wild West India Tour

Wild West India Tour
(17 Days / 16 Nights)

On Request
Wild West India Tour / PI-0421 (17 Days / 16 Nights)
Delhi-Ahmedabad-Kutch-Gondal-Gir National Park-Rajkot-Mumbai-Hubli-Dandeli-Goa-Mumbai

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Delhi
Day 2 : Delhi
Day 3 : Ahmedabad
Day 4 : Kutch
Day 5 : Kutch-Gondal
Day 6 : Gondal-Gir National Park
Day 7 : Gir National Park
Day 8 : Gir National Park
Day 9 : Gir National Park-Rajkot-Mumbai
Day 10 : Mumbai-Hubli-Dandeli
Day 11 : Dandeli
Day 12 : Dandeli -Goa
Day 13 : Goa
Day 14 : Goa
Day 15 : Goa
Day 16 : Goa
Day 17 : Goa - Mumbai

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