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  • General Information

    Other Name: -, District: Jhunjhunu, State: Rajasthan, India
    Area: 0
    Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Rajasthani
    Long Distance Code: 01592
    Importance: Famous for Frescos
    Best Time to Visit: October to March and -
    International Access: Nearest Airport is Delhi and Jaipur
  • Description

    Nawalgarh falls in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. The region draws its fame from the exquisitely painted havelis, which has earned it the status of Open Air Gallery. As a part of the same region Nawalgarh too has its share of murals and frescoes on havelis, which form the tourist attractions in Nawalgarh. Nawalgarh is a small locality centring round a fort. Rajput chieftain Nawal Singh founded the Nawalgarh Fort in 18th Century. The sprawling fort houses a number of havelis with beautiful architecture and some of the finest frescoes in the region. In the outskirt of the region, there is a palace - Roop Niwas Palace, the erstwhile residence of the Thakurs. The palace now converted to a heritage hotel is itself a tourist attraction in Nawalgarh. At the west of the fort, there is a cluster of havelis, which are known as Aath Havelis ("aath" implying eight in number). The frescoes and murals here display a transition period in the traditional painting with the European influence. Many of the paintings here have been disfigured by modernity though. Conservation processes are still on to retain these invaluable treasures of a rich heritage. Some notable havelis like Muraraka Haveli, Hem Raj Kulwal Haveli, Morarka Haveli are some of the major tourist attractions in Nawalgarh.
  • Location

    Nawalgarh is 30 km from Sikar and 39 km from Jhunjhunu. Nawalgarh is famous for its fresco and havelis and considered as Golden City of Rajasthan. Nawalgarh is located at 27.85°N 75.27°E.[2] It has an average elevation of 379 metres (1243 feet).
  • Climate

    Nestled in the foot hills of the Aravalli Mountain Range, a Tour to Rajasthan is considered to be a definite must include if you are planning a tour itinerary to India. The land of the Rajputs, the entirety of the province of Rajasthan is resplendent in its rich and varied culture, a culture that has been influenced to a large extent by the varied topography of Rajasthan which has also influenced the Climate of Rajasthan. Influencing several theories on the Best Time to Visit Rajasthan, the climate of Rajasthan can be divided into four basic sub divisions which are: -Summers -Monsoon -Post-Monsoons -Winters Summers which are hot and dry is considered to be the hottest period in Rajasthan with the temperature rising to almost as high as 45 degrees Celsius at its highest. The hill station of Mount Abu, the only hill station of Rajasthan, however, remains a blessed exception in this mercurial madness with temperatures at this important tourist destination of Rajasthan hovering around comfortable lows. The period between the months of July to September sees the mercury dropping to a more moderate temperature, with a comparatively higher level of humidity which is to set the stage for the next season or the monsoons, when the tourist attraction of Rajasthan reaches an all time high. The monsoons make this already beautiful province prettier than ever by adding their cool moisture to the hot, golden sands of the Thar Desert, which adds an even greater incentive in planning a trip to Rajasthan during this period. Perhaps, one of the most pleasant times to visit Rajasthan, the winters in Rajasthan stretch between the months of December to March. January is seen to be the coolest month of the year, which often sees a temperature drop that is as drastic as 0 degrees Celsius.
Rajasthan Tribal Tour

Rajasthan Tribal Tour
(24 Days / 23 Nights)

Rajasthan Tribal Tour / PI-0446 (24 Days / 23 Nights)

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Delhi
Day 2 : Delhi - Samode
Day 3 : Samode - Nawalgarh
Day 4 : Nawalgarh - Khimsar
Day 5 : Khimsar - Jaisalmer
Day 6 : Jaisalmer-Pokhran
Day 7 : Pokhran-Jodhpur
Day 8 : Jodhpur - Mandore - Rohet
Day 9 : Rohet - Daspan
Day 10 : Daspan
Day 11 : Daspan - Sirohi
Day 12 : Sirohi - Ranakpur
Day 13 : Ranakpur - Devigarh
Day 14 : Devigarh - Udaipur
Day 15 : Udaipur - Dungarpur
Day 16 : Dungarpur - Chittorgarh - Bijaipur
Day 17 : Bijaipur - Kota
Day 18 : Kota - Bundi
Day 19 : Bundi - Pachewar
Day 20 : Pachewar - Jaipur
Day 21 : Jaipur - Bhandarej
Day 22 : Bhandrej - Karauli
Day 23 : Karauli - Bharatpur
Day 24 : Delhi
Fascinating Rajasthan

Fascinating Rajasthan
(26 Days / 25 Nights)

Fascinating Rajasthan / PI-0454 (26 Days / 25 Nights)

Rajasthan is a fascinating holiday destination with a rich and vibrant culture, ancient traditions and medieval heritage. The very mention of this place brings forth the images of majestic forts, ornamented palaces, fearless natives and valiant rulers. This tour will help you in rekindling the romance of yesteryears and become a part of the aura that is an intrinsic part of its very core existence.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Delhi
Day 2 : Delhi
Day 3 : Delhi - Agra
Day 4 : Agra
Day 5 : Agra - Jaipur
Day 6 : Jaipur
Day 7 : Jaipur - Bundi
Day 8 : Bundi
Day 9 : Bundi - Bijaipur
Day 10 : Bijaipur - Chittorgarh
Day 11 : Chittorgarh - Deogarh
Day 12 : Deogarh - Udaipur
Day 13 : Udaipur - Ghanerao
Day 14 : Ghanerao - Rohet
Day 15 : Rohet - Luni
Day 16 : Luni - Jodhpur
Day 17 : Jodhpur - Jaisalmer
Day 18 : Jaisalmer
Day 19 : Jaisalmer - Manvar
Day 20 : Manvaar - Khimsar
Day 21 : Khimsar - Nagaur
Day 22 : Nagaur - Bikaner
Day 23 : Bikaner - Mandawa
Day 24 : Mandawa - Dundlod
Day 25 : Dundlod - Nawalgarh
Day 26 : Nawalgarh - Delhi

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