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Where faiths live in harmony.

  • General Information

    District: Jodhpur, State: Rajasthan, India
    Area: 17718 sq KM
    Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Rajasthani
    Long Distance Code: 01582
    Importance: Sufi cultural center. A great example of inter faith harmmony through the passage of history.
    Best Time to Visit: September to April and January Nagaur Festival
    International Access: Jaipur and Delhi
  • Description

    Nagaur is a city in the state of Rajasthan in India. The Nagaur city lies about midway between Jodhpur and Bikaner. Nagaur or Naga-Pur is referred to in the Mahabharata. The kingdom of Ahichhatrapur which Arjuna is said to have conquered and subsequently offered to his Guru Dronacharya, was perhaps some of the area of the Nagaur district. It was the capital of Jangladesh. The foundation of city dates back to 4th century BC. Nagas originally ruled over this place and about 7th century onwards the Chauhans became the overlords of Nagaur and it was included in Sapadalaksha. The city was at the center of Muslim invasion from Central Asia. The fort is of historical importance.The Rajput rulers dominated Nagaur for a longer period. Nagaur ruler were repeatedly forced to pay tribute to the Sesodias of Chittor while their lands were slowly annexed by the Rathors of Jodhpur. In fact the case of Nagaur vividly illustrates the turning back of the tide of Islamic conquests in Rajputana in the 14th and 15th Centuries. Nagaur, north to Bikaner, and up to the border of Punjab, was called Jangladesh in ancient times. The remains of some of the earliest settlements along the banks of the long dried-up Saraswati River can be seen to this day—in a later age it came under the Naga rulers after whom the town of Nagaur (Naga-pura) is named. Nagaur has importance in cattle fair, Every year in month of February, it organizes huge bullock/camel fair "Ramdev Pashumela". Nagaur district has got plenty of limestone, salt and other type of stones.
  • Location

    Nagaur is located at 27.2°N 73.73°E. It has an average elevation of 302 metres (990 feet). Nagaur is situated amidst seven districts namely Bikaner, Churu, Sikar, Jaipur, Ajmer, Pali, Jodhpur. Nagaur is the fifth largest district in Rajasthan with a vast terrain spreading over 17,718 square kilometers. Its geographical spread is a good combine of plain, hills, sand mounds & as such it is a part of the great Indian Thar Desert.
  • Climate

    Nagaur has a dry climate with a hot summer. Sand storms are common in summer. The district's climate is marked by extreme dryness, large variations of temperature & highly irregular rainfall patterns. The maximum temperature recorded in district is 117F with 32F as the lowest recorded temperature. The average temperature of the district is 74 F. The winter season extends from mid November until the beginning of March. The rainy season is relatively short, extending from July through mid September. The average rainfall in the district is 36.16 cm & 51.5% relative humidity.
Cenotaph of Amar Singh Rathore
Most renowned after the Ajmer Dargah; sacred place for Muslims & Sufis.

Timings: Open all day

Remarks: Renowned for Sufi Festival of Nagaur

Nagaur Fort - Sandy fort; centrally located; 2nd century old; witnessed many battles; lofty walls & spacious campus; having many palaces & temples inside.

Timings: 9 am to 5 pm

Remarks: Closed only during ceremonies related to local festivals.

Samadhi of a renowned saint, inspires the liberation of the soul with simplicity & truthfulness; a symbol of communal harmony.
Lofty structure of glass; sacred place for the Jain community.
Fascinating Rajasthan

Fascinating Rajasthan
(26 Days / 25 Nights)

Fascinating Rajasthan / PI-0454 (26 Days / 25 Nights)

Rajasthan is a fascinating holiday destination with a rich and vibrant culture, ancient traditions and medieval heritage. The very mention of this place brings forth the images of majestic forts, ornamented palaces, fearless natives and valiant rulers. This tour will help you in rekindling the romance of yesteryears and become a part of the aura that is an intrinsic part of its very core existence.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Delhi
Day 2 : Delhi
Day 3 : Delhi - Agra
Day 4 : Agra
Day 5 : Agra - Jaipur
Day 6 : Jaipur
Day 7 : Jaipur - Bundi
Day 8 : Bundi
Day 9 : Bundi - Bijaipur
Day 10 : Bijaipur - Chittorgarh
Day 11 : Chittorgarh - Deogarh
Day 12 : Deogarh - Udaipur
Day 13 : Udaipur - Ghanerao
Day 14 : Ghanerao - Rohet
Day 15 : Rohet - Luni
Day 16 : Luni - Jodhpur
Day 17 : Jodhpur - Jaisalmer
Day 18 : Jaisalmer
Day 19 : Jaisalmer - Manvar
Day 20 : Manvaar - Khimsar
Day 21 : Khimsar - Nagaur
Day 22 : Nagaur - Bikaner
Day 23 : Bikaner - Mandawa
Day 24 : Mandawa - Dundlod
Day 25 : Dundlod - Nawalgarh
Day 26 : Nawalgarh - Delhi

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