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MachilipatnamMachilipatnamMachilipatnamManginapudi BeachGhantasala
  • General Information

    District: Krishna, State: Andhra Pradesh, India
    Area: 0
    Languages Spoken: Telgu
    Long Distance Code: +91-8672
    Importance: Famous for Kalamkari paintings and a commercial sea port
    Best Time to Visit: October to March
  • Description

    Machilipatnam is a district administrative headquarters, a railroad terminus, and an important educational centre of Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh. This place with its rich history has found a coveted place in the historical map of India. It was a flourishing seaport on the east coast during the time of the Satavahanas and in the 17th century AD, it was a centre of French, British, and Dutch trade.<br />Machilipatnam was a commercial port of importance. It is one of the earliest known British settlements in the subcontinent of India. Machlipatnam derived its name owing to the construction of a gateway to the town decorated with eyes of a fish. This place is famous for Kalamkari printing. It has a carpet-weaving industry; other products include rice, oilseed, and scientific instruments.<br />
  • Location

    In Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh
Manginapudi BeachManginapudi, situated at about 10-km from Machilipatnam is noted for its fine beach in the district. Manginapudi deserves its importance partly from its scenic beauty and partly from being a historic port city.\r\nThis place is a health resort as well as a picnic spot. The beach possesses tremendous potential with a natural bay and comparatively shallow and safe waters. A beautifully laid park with a fountain and well-lit surroundings further enhance its reputation as a place for relaxation.\r\n
GhantasalaThe Hindu and Buddhist Sculptures, artistic excellence of Kalabhairva and Saraswathi lays a Gaijantic image to the once a part-hailing place Ghantasala. The museum with varied cultural collections compared with Mohenjodaro Art form and specially carved image of Lord Narsimha explains the glory of the Museum.

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Machilipatnam, India
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