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Temple Town of Tamil Nadu

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  • General Information

    Common Name: Mahabalipuram
    Other Name: -, District: Kanchipuram, State: Tamil Nadu, India
    Area: 8 Sq. Km.
    Languages Spoken: Tamil and English
    Long Distance Code: +91-4113
    Importance: Famous for the beach temple
    Best Time to Visit: October to February and Throughout the year for religious purpose.
    International Access: -
  • Description

    The history of Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram) dates back to two thousand years, it contains nearly forty monuments of different types including an "open air bas relief" which is the largest in the world, for centuries it has been a centre of pilgrimage, it figures in the early annals of the British search for the picturesque in India in the 18th century, today it attracts shoals of foreigners in search of relaxation and sea bathing, and most strange of all, it has an atomic power plant for neighbors. A small library has been written on it. Over its history and that of its monuments a number of scholarly controversies rage. Mahabalipuram was already a centre of pilgrimage when, in the 7th century Mamalla made it a seaport and began to make temples fashioned of rock. It was through Mahabalipuram that many Indian colonists, who included sages and artists, migrated to Southeast Asia. Sri Lanka's national chronicle, the "Mahavamsa" testifies to this fact.
  • Location

    58-Km from Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Climate

Temples In MahabalipuramThere are two low hills in Mahabalipuram, about 400m from the sea. In the larger one, on both sides, there are eleven excavated temples, called Mandapas, two "open air bas reliefs"; one of which is unfinished, and a third enclosed one. Out of a big rock standing free nearby there is a "cut out" temple, called a "Ratha". This type is unique to Mahabalipuram.\r\nOut of the other hill, much smaller and standing about 200m to the south, are fashioned five more rathas, and three big sculptures of a Nandi, a Loin and an Elephant. On the top of the bigger hill there is a structural temple, and a little distance the magnificent beginnings of a Vijayanagar Gopura and also survivals of what is believed to be a palace.
Shore TempleThis is one of the oldest temples in South India. It belongs to the 8th Century AD and is a good example of the first phase of structural temples constructed in Dravidian style.\r\nThe Shore Temple occupies a most extraordinary site, by the very margin of the Bay of Bengal so that at high tide the waves sweep into it and the walls, with their sculptures, have been eroded by the winds and waves of thirteen centuries.
The Shrines In Shore TempleThere are three shrines in the Shore Temple. That facing the sea and another facing west into the township is Saiva. The one between is Vaishnava, with an image of Lord Anantasayi made of live rock. There are Vimanas over the Saiva (also spelt as Shaiv or Shaiva) shrines, but none over the third; it seems to have disappeared with time. There are Somaskanda reliefs on the walls of the Saiva shrine. In front of the eastern shrine there is a stone dhvajastambha, frequently under the waves. The light that shone on it at night must have been the last sight of home for thousands of Pallava citizens immigrating to South East Asia.
The Five RathasThe Five Rathas - The Dharma raja, The Bhima, The Arjuna, The Draupadi and The Sahadeva\r\nThe Five Rathas, about 200 m south of the main hill, were fashioned out of a smaller hill sloping down from the south. From the largest part was made the biggest of the five rathas, the Dharmaraja. Then followed onwards north, in the descending order of height, the Bhima, the Arjuna and the Draupadi. A little to the west of Draupadi there was a comparatively large rock and out of it the Sahadeva Ratha was made. Immediately in front of the Draupadi again two smaller rocks were sculptured into an elephant and a lion. Behind the Draupadi and the Arjuna, which stand on a common base, there is a Nandi.
Krishna's Butter BallKrishna’s Butter ball, is a gigantic stone boulder, resting on a short incline in the historical town of Mammallapuram. The more than 200 ton weighing boulder, apparently is standing on the slope without moving even a millimeter for the last 1200 years, it is said.
The original name to this is “Vaan Irai Kal” which in the local dialect, Tamil, means, Stone of the Sky God. The present name to this boulder was given a by a local guide when the then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi visited the place.
The erstwhile rulers have always tried to move it with the help of Elephants and other manual instrument but to no avail. The stone has not moved. It is one of the rare objects in the world which defies gravity.

Timings: whole day
Dakshinchitra is an attempt to preserve some of the traditional south Indian ways of life by constructing a "living" village containing some of the various traditional homes of south India.Dhakshin chitra, open to public from December 1996, is a heritage village where the unique lifestyle of Indians is revived based on their states. The center occupies ten undulating acres overlooking the Bay of Bengal, at Muttukadu, twenty five kilometers south of Chennai, on the East Coast Road to Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu, India. The following are the activities you can do at Dakshinachitra,
1) Take a tour around DakshinaChitra visiting all the heritage homes exploring their nooks and corners and bask in the charm of a bygone era. 2) Try your hand at Simple Art and Craft Activities as you tour around. 3) Play traditional games too! Enjoy playing an array of board games, spin tops, break pots and even shake a leg... 4) Also take a peek at the exhibitions that explain some of the rich traditions of South India.

Closed On: Tuesday
Incredible India Tour

Incredible India Tour
(23 Days / 22 Nights)

Incredible India Tour / PI-0457 (23 Days / 22 Nights)

Full of colorful pageantry, enriching culture and exquisite traditions, India is a land of contrasts that evokes countless images even in the minds of the most seasoned travelers. Embark on this Incredible India tour and get yourself a hold over a delectable serving of customs, culture and tradition with a hint of heritage to top it all.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Delhi
Day 2 : Delhi
Day 3 : Delhi - Jaipur
Day 4 : Jaipur
Day 5 : Jaipur - Agra
Day 6 : Agra
Day 7 : Agra - Jhansi - Orchha
Day 8 : Orchha - Khajuraho
Day 9 : Khajuraho
Day 10 : Khajuraho - Varanasi
Day 11 : Varanasi - Mumbai
Day 12 : Mumbai
Day 13 : Mumbai-Kochi
Day 14 : Kochi-Thekkady
Day 15 : Thekkady
Day 16 : Thekkady-Madurai
Day 17 : Madurai-Tiruchirappalli
Day 18 : Tiruchirappalli-Thanjavur
Day 19 : Thanjavur - Puducherry
Day 20 : Puducherry - Mamallapuram
Day 21 : Mamallapuram - Kanchipuram - Chennai
Day 22 : Chennai
Day 23 : Chennai
Essence of India

Essence of India
(22 Days / 21 Nights)

Essence of India / PI-0453 (22 Days / 21 Nights)

With some of the most interesting and intriguing attractions of India on platter, this Essence of India tour takes you across the most majestic architectural marvels that will leave you wanting for more. The tour showcases the rich history and culture of India with the imposing forts, amazing palaces and sumptuous regional fares that it covers during its whole duration.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Delhi
Day 2 : Delhi
Day 3 : Delhi - Jaipur
Day 4 : Jaipur - Agra
Day 5 : Agra - Orchha
Day 6 : Orchha - Khajuraho
Day 7 : Khajuraho
Day 8 : Khajuraho - Varanasi
Day 9 : Varanasi - Patna
Day 10 : Patna-Vaishali-Patna
Day 11 : Patna - Kolkata
Day 12 : Kolkata - Chennai
Day 13 : Chennai
Day 14 : Chennai - Kanchipuram - Mamallapuram
Day 15 : Mamallapuram - Puducherry
Day 16 : Puducherry
Day 17 : Puducherry - Madurai
Day 18 : Madurai-Thiruvananthapuram
Day 19 : Thiruvananthapuram-Mumbai-Aurangabad
Day 20 : Aurangabad
Day 21 : Aurangabad - Mumbai
Day 22 : Mumbai
Temple Tour of Tamil Nadu

Temple Tour of Tamil Nadu
(7 Days / 6 Nights)

Temple Tour of Tamil Nadu / PI-0107 (7 Days / 6 Nights)

Tamil Nadu is one of the southern states in India. Tamil Nadu is famous for its innumerous temples and beaches, along with its delicious cuisine. This tour starts from the capital city of the state, Chennai, to take you around the places of main pilgrimage centres of the south.Unfortunately many temples here do not allow non-hindus to enter the sanctorium. But to watch the architecture of the temples from outside itself is a breath taking experience. Come and enjoy this five day tour and get entjralled with the mytholocgial stories related to the temples and the beautiful architecture along with an insight to the dravidian culture.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Chennai
Day 2 : Chennai - Mamallapuram
Day 3 : Mamallapuram - Kanchipuram - Mamallapuram
Day 4 : Mamallapuram - Puducherry -Thanjavur
Day 5 : Thanjavur-Tiruchirappalli-Madurai
Day 6 : Madurai
Day 7 : Madurai-Chennai
South India Legacy

South India Legacy
(30 Days / 29 Nights)

South India Legacy / PI-0450 (30 Days / 29 Nights)

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Mumbai - Bengaluru
Day 2 : Bengaluru
Day 3 : Bengaluru - Mysore
Day 4 : Mysore
Day 5 : Mysore - Chennai
Day 6 : Chennai - Mamallapuram
Day 7 : Mamallapuram
Day 8 : Mamallapuram
Day 9 : Covelong - Puducherry
Day 10 : Puducherry - Tiruchirappalli
Day 11 : Tiruchirappalli
Day 12 : Tiruchirappalli-Madurai
Day 13 : Madurai
Day 14 : Madurai-Thekkady
Day 15 : Thekkady
Day 16 : Thekkady-Munnar
Day 17 : Munnar
Day 18 : Munnar - Kumarakom
Day 19 : Kumarakom
Day 20 : Kumarakom - Alappuzha
Day 21 : Alappuzha
Day 22 : Alappuzha - Mararikulam
Day 23 : Mararikulam
Day 24 : Mararikulam
Day 25 : Mararikulam - Kovalam
Day 26 : Kovalam
Day 27 : Kovalam
Day 28 : Kovalam - Kollam
Day 29 : Kollam-Kochi
Day 30 : Kochi
South India 16 Days 15 Nights

South India 16 Days 15 Nights
(16 Days / 15 Nights)

South India 16 Days 15 Nights / PRKT-PI-47 (16 Days / 15 Nights)

Chennai- Mahabalipuram-Tanjore-Trichy- Madurai-Periyar-Kumarkom-Allepy-Cochin-Kovalam-Trivandrum

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Chennai
Day 2 : Chennai - Mamallapuram
Day 3 : Mamallapuram
Day 4 : Mamallapuram - Thanjavur
Day 5 : Thanjavur
Day 6 : Thanjavur - Tiruchirappalli - Madurai
Day 7 : Madurai-Thekkady
Day 8 : Thekkady
Day 9 : Thekkady-Kumarakom
Day 10 : Alappuzha - Kochi
Day 11 : Kochi
Day 12 : Kochi-Kovalam
Day 13 : Kovalam
Day 14 : Kovalam
Day 15 : Kovalam
Day 16 : Kovalam-Thiruvananthapuram
Dravidian Heritage

Dravidian Heritage
(15 Days / 14 Nights)

On Request
Dravidian Heritage / PC-644 (15 Days / 14 Nights)

South India, stretching south of the Vindhya Mountain ranges down to the coastal areas surrounded by the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, covers a vast swathe of the Deccan plateau. The states in this region are Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, all four of which have their own languages, slightly differing from each other, but vastly different from the language and culture of the Indian heartland in the North and West. South India has two major claims to being a tourist attraction. Thousands of miles of pristine coastline and sandy beaches, dotted with sea side resorts and the ancient Hindu heritage architecture, temples and remnants of the Indus valley civilization. Boat trips on the backwater canals and protected wetlands, not to mention the health spas and Ayurveda clinics, make for a rejuvenating vacation, and most tourists leave Kerala in much better shape, mentally and physically, than when they came in.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Chennai-Covelong
Day 2 : Covelong-Kanchipuram-Mamallapuram-Covelong
Day 3 : Covelong-Puducherry
Day 4 : Puducherry-Chidambaram-Swamimalai
Day 5 : Swamimalai-Thanjavur-Tiruchirappalli-Madurai
Day 6 : Madurai
Day 7 : Madurai-Thekkady
Day 8 : Thekkady-Kochi
Day 9 : Kochi
Day 10 : Kochi-Guruvayur-Kozhikode
Day 11 : Kozhikode-Mysore
Day 12 : Mysore
Day 13 : Mysore-Chikmaglur
Day 14 : Chikmaglur-Shravanabelagola-Bengaluru
Day 15 : Bengaluru

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