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  • General Information

    District: Karimnagar, State: Andhra Pradesh, India
    Area: 0
    Languages Spoken: Telgu, Urdu
    Long Distance Code: +91-8722
    Best Time to Visit: September to February
  • Description

    Karimnagar town, said to have been founded by Syed Karimuddin, a Qiladar and is situated at a distance of 160-km from Hyderabad. It was formerly known as "Sabbinadu" and inscriptions of the Kakatiya king Prola II and Prataparudra found at Karimnagar and Srisailam respectively testify this fact.<br />The city is an agricultural centre and the surrounding region is mainly agricultural area on the Deccan Plateau, and is drained by the Godavari River. The Ramagundam power station in Karimnagar district is the biggest thermal power producing facility in the state.<br />
  • Location

    In Karimnagar District, 160-km From Hyderabad.
Elgandal10-km from Karimnagar is Elgandal; the place was ruled by five important dynasties in past days. A fort on a hill, the Brindaban tank and shaking minarets are some of the historical remains found here.
DharmapuriDharmapuri is a place of religious importance because of the Narasimhaswami shrine here. The Kalyanotsavam celebrated in February- March attracts thousands of pilgrims.
KaleshwaramKaleshwaram is at a distance of 32-km from Manthani and 72-km from Karimnagar. It is in a picturesque spot where the river Godavari receives into its stream the Pranahita. Muktesvara is the most important temple. The Shiva Lingam of this temple is one of the three Jyotirlingams of Lord Shiva. There is also a temple dedicated to Brahma.
VemulawadaAt a distance of 35-km from Karimnagar is Vemulawada, the famous temple town of Sri Raja Rajeswara an incarnation of Lord Shiva. There is a lake known as 'Dharma Gundam', believed to have curative properties.