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Capital of Lord Krishna

DwarkaDwarkaDwarkaBet DwarkaJagat MandirSharad Peeth
  • General Information

    Other Name: -, District: Jamnagar, State: Gujarat, India
    Area: 0
    Languages Spoken: Gujarati, Kathiawadi, Hindi
    Long Distance Code: -
    Importance: Important place for Hindu Devotees
    Best Time to Visit: October to February and During the Holi and Janmashtami Festivals
    International Access: -
  • Description

    Dwarka has remained a one of the principal cities for the Hindu devotees. The mythological city is supposed to be the 6th developed city, the earlier five are supposed to be submerged in the ocean. Dwarka is one of the four most holy Hindu pilgrimage sites in India and is closely related to the Krishna legend. Le gend says that Lord Krishna, after slaying Kansa, left his abode at Mathura and traveled with the entire Yadav community to the coast of Saurashtra where he founded a town and named it Swarnadwarika. Today it is not only a major pilgrimage centre but also a pleasant spot for a beach holiday. Excavations have revealed important evidences of 4 ancient cities under the sea.
  • Location

    Situated on the extreme western tip of Kathiawad
  • Climate

    Humid but pleasant in winters and hot in summers
Bet DwarkaThirty-two kilometers from Dwarka is the Shankhodar Island. This island is supposed to be the place where Lord Krishna and his family lived. It is also the spot where Lord Vishnu slew the demon Sankhasura.
The temple of Ranchhodrai and the Matsyavatar are present on this island. Pilgrims are ferried to and from the island in boats. Near the island is the famous Naagnath (Shiva) Temple.
Jagat MandirThe main temple dedicated to Lord Krishna is supposed to be built nearly 2,500 years ago. It is built on the north bank of the Gomti Creek and has often been renovated. The carvings outside date from around the 16th century, the walls to about 12th century. Sixty columns support the roof of the audience hall of the Jagat Mandir. The main temple is five-story high with the lavishly carved conical spire rising to a height of 157 feet. Another important temple in Dwarka is the temple dedicated to Rukmini, Lord Krishna's wife, who is considered an incarnation of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and beauty. Incredibly detailed sculpture decorates the entire temple

Timings: Sunrise to Sunset

Remarks: One of the most important pilgrimage centres

Sharad PeethIn addition to its temples and legends, Dwarka is also sanctified as the seat of Adi Shankaracharya. Research work in Sanskrit is carried on here.