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Guarded by the Lord Shiva

  • General Information

    Other Name: Dev Nagri, District: Jaipur, State: Rajasthan, India
    Area: 0
    Languages Spoken: Hindi
    Long Distance Code: -
    Importance: Near to Jaipur
    Best Time to Visit: October to March and -
    International Access: Jaipur Airport
  • Description

    Dausa is situated in a region widely known as Dundhar. The Chouhans & Badgurjars ruled this land in 10th Century A.D. Dausa has privileged to become First capital of the then Dundhar Region. Dausa was an important political place for Dundhar region. The Chauhan Raja Soodh Dev ruled this region during 996 to 1006 AD. Later, from 1006 AD to 1036 AD, Raja Dule Rai ruled this region for 30 years.[1] As Dausa city is surrounded by Mahadev in five directions (Nilkanth, Gupteshwer, Sahajnath, Somnath and Baijnath),so it was named from Sanskrit word "Dhau and Sa". 'Dhau' means Swarg sa (Like Heaven) and 'Sa' means Sundar ( Beautiful). Means Swarg sa Sundar ( Beautiful like Heaven).
  • Location

    55 Kms from Jaipur and 240 kms from Delhi.
  • Climate

    Extreme climate. Hot in summers and cold during winters