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The Gate way to the Jain temples

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  • General Information

    Common Name: -
    Other Name: -, District: Bhavnagar, State: Gujarat, India
    Area: 0
    Languages Spoken: Gujarati, Hindi, English
    Long Distance Code: +91-79
    Best Time to Visit: October to February and -
    International Access: -
  • Description

    Probably the most recent princely states of India, Bhavnagar was established by Bhavsinhji Gohil to escape the wrath of Maratha invaders. He shifted his capital from Sihor to Bhavnagar in the 18th century, with the twin objectives of taking advantage of the sea as a defensive measure and to secure the advantages of maritime trade. The selected a site near the coast came to be known after his own name as Bhavnagar. Bhavnagar is a natural port. The problems of siltation during the low tide has been solved by making a lock gate, which enable big ships to float during the low tide. The great patriot Mahatma Gandhi's attendance in the college here has given this town a special mention in his biography.
  • Location

    Bhavnagar, on the southern side of the vast Gujarat state, has a vast coastline and districts of Ahemedabad, Rajkot and Surendranagar surrounding it.
  • Climate

Gandhi SmritiRight in the centre of the city, stands this tall monument, a clock tower with bells and music. It has a museum inside as memorial to Mahatma Gandhi with some rare photographs and his things on display.
Takhteshwar temple

Made in Pure marble during the 19th century this temple on the hillock of Takhteshwar was the royal temple of the Bhavnagar kings. The serene environment and picturesque view add to the ambience of the temple.
GopnathGopnath is a beautiful beach retreat of the royal family. The bungalow build in colonial style of architecture and the seashore are worth a visit.
Barton Library and MuseumOne of the oldest libraries and museum of the Saurashtra region, it attracts old and young alike. Situated in the heart of the city, this oldest and renowned library of Saurashtra has evolved into a cultural centre. Housed in a spacious complex, its reading room attracts large number of readers who do not have access to various newspapers, magazines and periodicals. The coin-collection is the chief attraction of its museum.
SihorBefore Bhavsinhji founded Bhavnagar Sihor was the capital of Gohil Rajputs. Excellent wall paintings depicting battle scenes, armies, cavalries, etc. are found in Sihor Darbargadh. The nearby Brahma Kund is known for its excellent quality of water.
PalitanaA 56 kms drive from Bhavnagar takes you to the foot of Shatrunjaya hill of Palitana. One of the most revered pilgrimage centre for the Jains in India. With the Shatrunjaya River flowing to its south, making this place one of the most picturesque places of pilgrimage in India.\r\nThe sacred hill rises in a crescendo of magnificent temples - 863 in all - that soar in marble splendour to the top of the hill. The temples were built over an impressive span of 900 years with each generation of pilgrims making its contribution to the shrines of Shatrunjaya. Amongst all the Jain temples, Palitana temples are considered to be the most sacred. The most important temple is that of the first Tirthankar. The temples have fabulous collection of jewels. No one, not even the priests are allowed to stay in the temples overnight as they were supposed to be built only for the Gods as their abodes.\r\n
Central India With Gujarat

Central India With Gujarat
(13 Days / 12 Nights)

Central India With Gujarat / PI-0240 (13 Days / 12 Nights)

The 13 day long tour of Gujarat and central India, covers some of the most beautiful monuments of India which are still very much untouched. The simplicity of these places and the stories attached to the monuments will make a lasting impression on your mind. With the beautiful age old monuments of Ahmedabad and Bhopal, you reach Mandu, home to some of the best examples of the Islamic architecture. The tour ends with Agra with a visit to the Taj without which your trip to India will never be complete.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Mumbai
Day 2 : Mumbai
Day 3 : Mumbai - Bhavnagar
Day 4 : Bhavnagar
Day 5 : Bhavnagar - Ahmedabad - Bhopal
Day 6 : Bhopal
Day 7 : Bhopal-Ujjain-Mandu
Day 8 : Mandu
Day 9 : Mandu-Maheshwar-Omkareshwar-Indore
Day 10 : Indore-Gwalior
Day 11 : Gwalior-Agra
Day 12 : Agra
Day 13 : Delhi
Best Of Gujarat

Best Of Gujarat
(11 Days / 10 Nights)

Best Of Gujarat / PI-0492 (11 Days / 10 Nights)

Better known as the land of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and the iron man, Sardar Patel, Gujarat has always been a prominent state in the history of India. Here seas meet sparkling sands, lions and wild ass roam in jungles and marble temples and palaces reflect the past glory. With this fascinating tour, visit this folk land which takes you to the pages of history and shows you the India you would love to see.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Mumbai-Ahmedabad
Day 2 : Ahmedabad
Day 3 : Ahmedabad - Bhavnagar
Day 4 : Bhavnagar - Diu
Day 5 : Diu
Day 6 : Diu - Gir - Rajkot
Day 7 : Rajkot - Bhuj
Day 8 : Bhuj
Day 9 : Bhuj-Jamnagar
Day 10 : Jamnagar
Day 11 : Jamnagar - Mumbai
Explore Gujarat

Explore Gujarat
(13 Days / 12 Nights)

On Request
Explore Gujarat / PI-0247 (13 Days / 12 Nights)
Mumbai-Bhavnagar-Palitana-Ahmedpur Mandvi-Somnath-Sasan Gir-Junagarh-Rajkot-Wankaner-Ahmedabad-Mumbai

Blessed with fascinating landscapes and magnificent historic monuments, Gujarat is a richly rewarding tourist destination offering a range of holiday possibilities. The state is also famous as the only abode of Asiatic lion in the world. This tour will take you across this exquisite state taking you cross the a wide range of sceneries from welcoming city of Bhavnagar to fast moving Ahmedabad to the spiritual Somnath to the thrilling Gir forests. The tour finally ends in the financial capital of India, Mumbai.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Mumbai
Day 2 : Mumbai
Day 3 : Mumbai - Bhavnagar
Day 4 : Bhavnagar - Palitana
Day 5 : Palitana - Ahmedpur Mandvi
Day 6 : Ahmedpur Mandvi
Day 7 : Ahmedpur Mandvi - Somnath - Sasan Gir
Day 8 : Sasan Gir - Junagarh
Day 9 : Junagarh
Day 10 : Junagarh - Rajkot - Wankaner
Day 11 : Wankaner - Ahmedabad
Day 12 : Ahmedabad
Day 13 : Ahmedabad - Mumbai
Splendid Gujarat

Splendid Gujarat
(15 Days / 14 Nights)

On Request
Splendid Gujarat / PI-0275 (15 Days / 14 Nights)
Mumbai-Rajkot-Junagadh-Sasan Gir-Veraval-Somnath-Diu-Palitana-Bhavnagar-Lothal-Ahmedabad-Dungarpur-Udaipur-Mumbai

West India has a fascinating variety of landscapes, superb beaches linked with Bollywood, plethora of monuments of age old civilization i.e. Indus valley civilization which makes this as interesting region to spend time in.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Mumbai
Day 2 : Mumbai
Day 3 : Mumbai - Rajkot
Day 4 : Rajkot - Junagadh - Sasan Gir
Day 5 : Sasan Gir
Day 6 : Sasan Gir - Veraval - Somnath - Diu
Day 7 : Diu
Day 8 : Diu - Palitana - Bhavnagar
Day 9 : Bhavnagar
Day 10 : Bhavnagar - Lothal - Ahmedabad
Day 11 : Ahmedabad
Day 12 : Ahmedabad - Dungarpur
Day 13 : Dungarpur - Udaipur
Day 14 : Udaipur
Day 15 : Udaipur - Mumbai
Gujarat with Madhya Pradesh

Gujarat with Madhya Pradesh
(20 Days / 19 Nights)

On Request
Gujarat with Madhya Pradesh / PI-0417 (20 Days / 19 Nights)
Delhi-Khajuraho-Jhansi-Datia-Sonagiri-Gwalior-Bhopal-Ujjain-Indore-Mandu-Indore-Ahmedabad-Modhera-Zainabad-Wankner-Rajkot-Junagadh-Sasan Gir-Somnath-Ahmedpur-Mandvi-Ahmedpur Mandvi-Bhavnagar-Ahmedabad-Mumbai

Located in the center of India, Madhya Pradesh is also known as ‘Heart of India’ and has several natural features ranging from plateaus, river valleys, hills and forests. The trip also covers the beautiful state of Gujarat that pays tribute to its past splendors with its superb monuments and rich cultural diversity.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Delhi
Day 2 : Delhi - Khajuraho
Day 3 : Khajuraho
Day 4 : Khajuraho - Jhansi
Day 5 : Jhansi - Datia - Sonagiri - Gwalior
Day 6 : Gwalior
Day 7 : Gwalior - Bhopal
Day 8 : Bhopal
Day 9 : Bhopal - Ujjain - Indore
Day 10 : Indore - Mandu - Indore
Day 11 : Indore - Ahmedabad
Day 12 : Ahmedabad - Modhera - Zainabad
Day 13 : Zainabad - Wankner - Rajkot
Day 14 : Rajkot - Junagadh - Sasan Gir
Day 15 : Sasan Gir
Day 16 : Sasan Gir - Somnath - Ahmedpur Mandvi
Day 17 : Ahmedpur Mandvi - Bhavnagar
Day 18 : Bhavnagar - Ahmedabad
Day 19 : Ahmedabad - Mumbai
Day 20 : Mumbai
Classical Gujarat Heritage

Classical Gujarat Heritage
(9 Days / 8 Nights)

On Request
Classical Gujarat Heritage / PI-0486 (9 Days / 8 Nights)

Famous for narrating tales of history, Gujarat is a vibrant western Indian state where some of the best historical sites of the country are housed. These include the Jhoolta Minara, Buddhist Caves, Lakshmi Vilas Palace, Dandi and Teen Darwaja among others. Visit these sites that whisper the legendary tales of the culture and history of this rich land.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Ahmedabad - Jambhugodha
Day 2 : Jambhugodha
Day 3 : Jambugodha - Uthelia
Day 4 : Uthelia - Bhavnagar
Day 5 : Bhavnagar
Day 6 : Bhavnagar - Gondal
Day 7 : Gondal - Wankaner
Day 8 : Wankaner - Ahmedabad
Day 9 : Ahmedabad

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