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  • General Information

    District: Kachchh, State: Gujarat, India
    Area: 0
    Languages Spoken: Gujarati, Hindi
    Long Distance Code: +91-2832
    Importance: Entry point to the Great rann of Kutch
    Best Time to Visit: October to February
  • Description

    Bhuj founded in 1548 AD by Rao Khengarji I, was the capital of the former princely State of Kutch. The historic city of Bhuj derives its name from the Bhujiyo Dungar, a hill, overlooking the present day Bhuj town from te east and has Hamirsar Lake on the west. You can lose yourself for hours in the intricate maze-like streets and alleyways of this fascinating town. There are walls within walls, attractive crenellated gateways, old palaces with intricately carved wooden pavilions, and striking, brightly decorated Hindu temples. Rao Pragmalji, who ruled Kutch from 1860 to 1876 AD, undertook many projects, such as- improvement of Mandvi harbour, construction of roads and irrigation works, hospitals, schools and a jail. Rao Pragmalji constructed three royal palaces- Prag Mahal and Ranjit Vilas Palace at Bhuj and Vijay Vials Palace at Mandvi.
  • Location

    Bhuj is located in the westernmost part of the western state of India, Gujarat. It is near the Gulf of Kutch, a part of the Arabian Sea. Low hills overlook the city of Bhuj. Though Bhuj is near the coast, yet its climate is hot. It is because of its proximity to the Great Rann of Kutch to its north and the Small Rann to its west, which are vast, sandy, and dry salt flats. Bhuj experiences hot summers and mild winters
Aina and Prag MahalThe Aina Mahal or the Mirror Palace is the 18th century extravagant creation of Maharao Lakhpat. A master craftsmanship of Ram Singh Mallam, the Aina Mahal, is considered to be the best of palaces from the interiors in India. Built in typical European style, Dutch and Venetian tradition, it is said that the king specially sent Ram Singh to Holland for 17 years to learn the craft of mirrors and tiles. The hall of Mirror has white marble walls covered with mirrors and gilded ornaments and the floor is a pleasure pool lined with tiles, with a platform above it surrounded by a series of fountains operated by an elaborated system of pumps below a Venetian chandelier. Another remarkable feature is the pleasure pool, in the middle of which rises a square platform where the king himself composed poems and gave encouragement to the classical arts of dancing girls, bards and musicians. \r\nJust across the Aina Mahal, a complete European, rather British structure is seen. That is the Pragmal Palace, built in 1797. Its tower and Corinthian pillars display strong British influence through its floral patterns. The magnificent Durbar Hall and the clock tower are worth a visit although most of the palace is used by the Government now.
The MuseumEarlier known as the Fergusson Museum after its founder, this is one of the oldest Museums of the state established in 1877. It is unique in having the largest collection of Kshatrapa inscriptions, for its gold and silver ornaments, textiles, armoury and other exhibits. The well maintained exhibits also include a picture gallery, an anthropological section, archaeological finds, textiles, weapons, musical instruments and a shipping section.
Gandhidham, nearly 60 kms from Bhuj, was established and built specifically for the displaced families aftre the partition. Kandla a major port and the only free trade zone of the country, is very close by. Around 25 kms from Gandhidham, on the way to Bhuj, is the Purneshwar temple built in the 10th century. The temple is raised on a high plinth and has some fine sculptures on display.
MandviThis beautiful beach town is just two kms away from Gandhidham. One of the finest beaches of Gujarat, Mandvi port was an important trade post between the near east and the Far East. The Mandvi port brought lot of prosperity to the royal family of Kutch and therefore they build beautiful palaces here overlooking the vast ocean. The Vijay Vilas palace is such splendid example of the royal structure. The sailors of Mandvi are known to be adventurous, and it is said that even Vasco - Da -Gama used a sailor from Mandvi to navigate to Zanzibar. \r\nThere are also a number of villages around Bhuj, which offer a cultural fiesta to the traveler. Special permits have to be obtained from local government offices in Bhuj to visit these villages. Some of the important villages near Bhuj are Bhujjodi, which is famous for weaving. Padhar and Dhaneti are famous for traditional Ahir embroidery. Dhamanka is known for block printing. Lilpur is known for its embroidery while the village of Anjar is famous for block printing, tie and dye items and traditional betel nut crackers. The village of Dholavira is an ancient site associated with the Indus Valley Civilization.
Best Of Gujarat

Best Of Gujarat
(11 Days / 10 Nights)

Best Of Gujarat / PI-0492 (11 Days / 10 Nights)

Better known as the land of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and the iron man, Sardar Patel, Gujarat has always been a prominent state in the history of India. Here seas meet sparkling sands, lions and wild ass roam in jungles and marble temples and palaces reflect the past glory. With this fascinating tour, visit this folk land which takes you to the pages of history and shows you the India you would love to see.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Mumbai-Ahmedabad
Day 2 : Ahmedabad
Day 3 : Ahmedabad - Bhavnagar
Day 4 : Bhavnagar - Diu
Day 5 : Diu
Day 6 : Diu - Gir - Rajkot
Day 7 : Rajkot - Bhuj
Day 8 : Bhuj
Day 9 : Bhuj-Jamnagar
Day 10 : Jamnagar
Day 11 : Jamnagar - Mumbai
Tribal and Cultural Highlights of Gujarat

Tribal and Cultural Highlights of Gujarat
(16 Days / 15 Nights)

On Request
Tribal and Cultural Highlights of Gujarat / PI-0359 (16 Days / 15 Nights)
Ahmedabad-Darbargadh-Poshina-Dasada-Bharwad-Anjar-Bhuj-Gondal-Jetpur-Junagadh-Sasan Gir-Palitana-Balasinor-Chhota Udaipur-Champaner-Chhota Udaipur-Ahmedabad

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Ahmedabad
Day 2 : Ahmedabad - Darbargadh - Poshina
Day 3 : Poshina
Day 4 : Poshina-Dasada
Day 5 : Dasada-Bharwad
Day 6 : Bharwad-Anjar
Day 7 : Anjar - Bhuj
Day 8 : Bhuj
Day 9 : Gondal
Day 10 : Gondal-Jetpur-Junagadh-Sasan Gir
Day 11 : Sasan Gir
Day 12 : Sasan Gir-Palitana
Day 13 : Palitana - Balasinor
Day 14 : Balasinor - Chhota Udaipur
Day 15 : Chhota Udaipur - Champaner - Chhota Udaipur
Day 16 : Chhota Udaipur-Ahmedabad
Tribal Tour of Gujarat

Tribal Tour of Gujarat
(18 Days / 17 Nights)

On Request
Tribal Tour of Gujarat / PI-0377 (18 Days / 17 Nights)

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Mumbai
Day 2 : Mumbai - Ahmedabad
Day 3 : Ahmedabad
Day 4 : Ahmedabad - Poshina
Day 5 : Poshina
Day 6 : Poshina - Zainabad
Day 7 : Zainabad
Day 8 : Zainabad - Bhuj
Day 9 : Bhuj
Day 10 : Bhuj - Gondal
Day 11 : Gondal - Uthelia
Day 12 : Uthelia - Jambhugodha
Day 13 : Jambhugodha
Day 14 : Jambhugodha - Surat
Day 15 : Surat - Saputara
Day 16 : Saputara
Day 17 : Saputara - Mumbai
Day 18 : Mumbai
Gujarat of Splendors

Gujarat of Splendors
(18 Days / 17 Nights)

On Request
Gujarat of Splendors / PI-0413 (18 Days / 17 Nights)
Mumbai-Bhuj-Gondal-Sasan Gir-Diu-Bhavnagar-Uteliya-Zainabad-Vadodara-Ahmedabad-Mumbai

This tour is designed to whisk you away into the splendid sights of Gujarat, a culturally rich and diverse state of India. Explore this state with its wildlife, palaces, beaches, forts, traditions and customs. The tour traverses through varied Gujarat destinations showcasing the soul of the state in its true colors and beauty.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Mumbai
Day 2 : Mumbai
Day 3 : Mumbai - Bhuj
Day 4 : Bhuj
Day 5 : Bhuj
Day 6 : Bhuj - Gondal
Day 7 : Gondal - Sasan Gir
Day 8 : Sasan Gir
Day 9 : Sasan Gir - Diu
Day 10 : Diu
Day 11 : Diu - Bhavnagar
Day 12 : Bhavnagar - Uteliya
Day 13 : Uteliya - Zainabad
Day 14 : Zainabad - Vadodara
Day 15 : Vadodara
Day 16 : Vadodara - Ahmedabad
Day 17 : Ahmedabad
Day 18 : Ahmedabad - Mumbai
Gujarat with Rajasthan

Gujarat with Rajasthan
(23 Days / 22 Nights)

On Request
Gujarat with Rajasthan / PI-0449 (23 Days / 22 Nights)

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Delhi
Day 2 : Delhi - Bikaner
Day 3 : Bikaner
Day 4 : Bikaner - Jaisalmer
Day 5 : Jaisalmer
Day 6 : Jaisalmer - Barmer - Jalore
Day 7 : Jalore - Jodhpur
Day 8 : Jodhpur
Day 9 : Jodhpur - Udaipur
Day 10 : Udaipur
Day 11 : Udaipur - Ahmedabad
Day 12 : Ahmedabad - Bhavnagar
Day 13 : Bhavnagar - Diu
Day 14 : Diu
Day 15 : Diu - Gir - Diu
Day 16 : Diu - Junagadh
Day 17 : Junagadh
Day 18 : Junagadh - Wankaner
Day 19 : Wankaner - Bhuj
Day 20 : Bhuj
Day 21 : Bhuj
Day 22 : Bhuj - Mumbai
Day 23 : Mumbai
In the Land of Gandhi

In the Land of Gandhi
(14 Days / 13 Nights)

On Request
In the Land of Gandhi / PI-058 (14 Days / 13 Nights)
Mumbai-Bhuj-Banni Villages-Bhuj-Gondal-Palitana-Bhavnagar-Ahmedabad-Modhera-Ahmedabad-Delhi-Agra-Delhi

Better known as the land of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and the iron man, Sardar Patel, Gujarat has always been a prominent state in the history of India. Right from the Stone Age man to the mythological Dwarka to today''s fast becoming business oriented state of India; Gujarat has turned and witnessed many a pages of History.With a vast coast line of the Arabian Sea and the unique history that Gujarat has, it surely attracts lot of visitors. Here seas meet sparkling sands, Lions and wild ass roam in jungles and marble temples and palaces reflect the past glory.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 : Mumbai
Day 2 : Mumbai
Day 3 : Bhuj
Day 4 : Bhuj - Banni Villages - Bhuj
Day 5 : Bhuj - Gondal
Day 6 : Gondal - Palitana - Bhavnagar
Day 7 : Bhavnagar-Ahmedabad
Day 8 : Ahmedabad
Day 9 : Ahmedabad - Modhera - Ahmedabad
Day 10 : Ahmedabad - Delhi
Day 11 : Delhi
Day 12 : Delhi - Agra
Day 13 : Agra
Day 14 : Delhi

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