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The City of Sunsets

  • General Information

    Other Name: Thira, District: Cyclades , State: South Aegean , Greece
    Area: 73 kmĀ²
    Languages Spoken: Greek,French, Italian, and German
    Long Distance Code: 22860
    Importance: Santorini is one of the best turist destination in the world.
    Best Time to Visit: September to October and May-June
    International Access: Connected to all the major places of the world.
  • Description

    Santorini is one of the great natural wonders of the world, and its main attraction is the landscape and seascape of the island itself. The configuration of the present, roughly semicircular island is the result of an enormous volcanic explosion which occurred probably around 1630 bce, literally blowing the top off the island and changing what had been a typical half-submerged mountain of an Aegean island into a flooded crescent caldera, in the middle of which a few small smoking islands still bear witness to volcanic activity. Some have speculated that this event was the inspiration for the myth of Atlantis. The towns of Fira, Ia (also known as Oia) and Thirasis cling to the steep cliffs facing into the caldera bay. Tours to the central "smoking" islands are readily available and one can see and feel steam vents and recent (1950s) lava flows.
  • Location

    Santorini is a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands. It is located between Ios and Anafi islands.
  • Climate

    The season starts on March 1 -- recommended by locals, as it''s not too hot and not crowded at all. The period from December through February is very much the off-season. Over half of the businesses, including hotels and guest houses, may be closed. For those that are visiting for the cultural experience rather than to experience the beaches, this can be a great time to arrive. The weather may be cool but bargains are available and crowds non-existant.