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  • General Information

    Other Name: Pallene, District: East Attica, State: Attica, Greece
    Area: 0 -
    Languages Spoken: Greek,French, Italian, and German
    Long Distance Code: 210
    Importance: Pallini is currently undergoing a construction explosion with many new buildings developed each year.
    Best Time to Visit: September to October and May-June
    International Access: Connected to all the major cities of Greece.
  • Description

    Pallini is a suburb in the northeastern part of Athens, Greece. It is located east of Athens, midway between it and the Petalies Gulf. It is the seat of administration of the East Attica Prefecture. Only 4.13 percent of the prefectural population resides in Pallini, the smallest percentage of any prefectural capital in Greece. The municipality includes the subdivision of Kantza located to the south, which is now developing into a highly desirable residential area some kilometres outside Athens. Another subdivision is affluent Panorama bordering Pikermi to the East. The name dates back to ancient times. The suburban community sits south of the slope of the Penteli while the Mesogeian plain lies to the south and the Athens basin to the west. It is located SW of Marathon, W of Rafina, about 20 km N of Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, and about 18 km ENE of Athens.
  • Location

    It is located east of Athens, midway between it and the Petalies Gulf.
  • Climate

    Mediterranean Climate.