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  • General Information

    Other Name: Mitilíni, District: Lesbos , State: North Aegean , Greece
    Area: 0 -
    Languages Spoken: Greek,French, Italian, and German
    Long Distance Code: 22510
    Importance: Aristotle lived on Mytilene for two years, 337-335 BC.
    Best Time to Visit: September to October and May-June
    International Access: Connected to all the major cities of Greece.
  • Description

    Mytilene is the capital city of Lesbos, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, and capital of Lesbos Prefecture and the Northern Aegean region. It is built on the southeast edge of the island. Mytilene, whose name is pre-Greek, is also the seat of a metropolitan bishop of the Orthodox church.
  • Location

    Mytilene is linked with a highway numbered (GR-67) linking to Skala Eressou on the other side of the island of Lesbos. Farmlands surround Mytiline, the mountains cover the west and to the north. The airport is located a few kilometres south on the small highway. The city was called Midilli during Ottoman times.
  • Climate

    Mediterranean Climate.