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  • General Information

    Common Name: Changchun
    Other Name: Changchun Fu, District: Jilin, State: Northeast China, China
    Area: 20532 kmĀ²
    Languages Spoken: Mandarin
    Long Distance Code: +86431
    Importance: Changchun's main industry is the manufacturing of transportation facilities and machinery. It produces 1/5, 1/2, and 1/10 of all automobiles, passenger trains, and tractors made in China
    Best Time to Visit: May to August and October
    International Access: Well connected with major cities of China and the world.
  • Description

    Changchun is the capital of Jilin province and was formerly the capital of the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo.
  • Location

    Changchun is situated at Northeast Asia's geometric center. South Liaodong peninsula coastline, north to Russia and Eastern Europe, east to North Korea, South Korea, Russia, and west to Mongolia.
  • Climate

    Semi-humid Monsoon Climate
Changchun Film City is the first film theme park that is the combination of film industry and tourist industry, reputed as "the oriental Hollywood". It was built borrowing the ideas of Universal Film Center and Disneyland.

Changchun Film City is a park with distinct screen culture and rich ethnic culture. It uses film and video programs as its carriers to uncover the mysterious veiling of filmmaking and to let visitors enjoy high-grade cinema art. It is not only a tourist resort of film and video, but also the new address of Changchun film studio. It has become a diamond business card of Changchun.

It is a beautiful newly built scenic spot. There are chains of mountains, odd-shaped stones, quiet canyon and bubbling brooks.

Diaoshuihu Lake Scenic Area features mountains, water, forest, peaks, caves. The attractive scenery here is fetching in more and more tourists. On stepping into the gateway, a 10-li green corridor comes into your eyes; two mountains setting off one another, visitors walk in the valley bottom only to see green hills, which is like going boating on a green sea.

Jingyue Lake National Forest Park covers 200 square kilometers, with over 4.3 square kilometers water surface and 80 square kilometers planted forest. Forestation coverage in the park is 58.6%. The lake is falcate, so it gets the name.

It is famous for its picturesque scenery, reputed as the sister of Sun-moon Lake of Taiwan Province. A vast sea of lush trees and chains of magnificent mountains form a rounded ecosystem with over 30 tree species. The whole scenic area consists of Jinyue Lake National Key Scenic Spot, Jinyue Lake National Park and Jinyue Lake Tourist and Vocation Area.

There is fresh air, pleasant climate, and picturesque scenery. The scenes here are different all the year around. It is cool in dense shades in summer; in winter the snow is over 30 cm and forms a natural ski field.

Puppet Emperor's Palace was the residence of the last emperor in the Qing Dynasty- Puyi when he ruled the state as a puppet of the occupying Japanese.

It bears the witness of the history that Japanese Imperialism took the northeast of China by force and carried out fascist colonial rule. Now it has become an important tourist scenic spot and a base of patriotism education.