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  • General Information

    Other Name: UGENCHOLING, , State: Bumthang, Bhutan
    Area: 0
    Languages Spoken: Dzongkha
    Long Distance Code: -
    Importance: Ugyenchholing Palace
    Best Time to Visit: March to September and October and November
    International Access: Paro Airport
  • Description

    Ugyen Choling Palace built 17th century by Deb Tsokey Dorji, a descendant of Buddhist Saint Dorje Lingpa. Ugyen Choling is a national treasure, privately owned by the same family for hundreds of years. Its remote location makes it one of the less frequently visited historical sites in Bhutan, hosting fewer than two hundred guests per year. One of the owners wrote a book on Bhutanese folk tales of the Yeti and her brother is the property’s caretaker. The best part of the Palace is the quaint museum housing permanent exhibits on three floors in the main building and the Utse, the central tower. Traditional living quarters are recreated to capture the realistic ambiance of the ancient lifestyles and conditions of the households. Everyday kitchen and weaving utensils, war weapons--including petrified yak dung to make gunpowder--tools and farming implements are the main part of the exhibits.
  • Location

    It is located at the distance of one and half hour drive from Bumthang
  • Climate

    The best time to visit Bhutan is March, April, May, and September & October since this period provides clear blue sky, and plenty of greenery. Winter (Dec, January, February) will be too cold since the temperature will be below zero degree. Summer (June, July, August) is pleasant but wet due to the monsoon. Autumn (September, October, November) is similar to spring but a bit warmer and also the best time to visit. However please see the tours and treks sections for specific time to visit the specific areas.