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San Juan

Oasis Town

Mission San Juan CapistranoMission San Juan Capistrano
  • General Information

    Other Name: Land Of Great Wine And Sun, District: San Juan, State: Cuyo, Argentina
    Area: 30 km²
    Languages Spoken: Spanish
    Long Distance Code: -
    Importance: -
    Best Time to Visit: - to - and -
    International Access: -
  • Description

    San Juan is the capital city of the Argentine province of San Juan in the Cuyo region.It is a modern city with wide streets and well drawn avenues with wide sidewalks and vegetation of different species of trees irrigated by canals.Tourism to San Juan is centered around wine production and dégustation as well as the extraordinary rock formations in places like the Ischigualasto National Park,330 kilometres form the city,also called the Valle de la Luna and the Quebrada de Ullum Dam, at 18 km from the city.
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Mission San Juan CapistranoIt is a monument to California multi-cultural history, embracing its Native American, Spanish, Mexican and European heritage.The serenity and peace amid the 10 acres of lush gardens and cool fountains, cloistered by old adobe walls, offers visitors seclusion from the sights and sounds of a busy world.